God's Timing

God has been laying on my heart to really study about His timing, and taking every day as it comes.

Last week I was subbing in a paraprofessional position that the district is hiring for, thinking that would be a good in, since I would like to be a para next school year. I was struggling all week wondering if my heart was really in it. I liked the thought that I would have the same kids to work with and see progress for the rest of the school year, but I was bummed that it was part time and I wouldn't be using my teaching license.

On Friday I got a call from a teacher in our church asking if I could substitute teach in his classroom today and tomorrow. I told him I was available for Monday but not Tuesday because of the position I was thinking about getting hired for, and he was going to look for someone who could take both days. Not even 10 minutes later he called back asking if I would take a 6 weeks long-term subbing position for his class after Spring Break. I told him I'd call back and let him know that day. I was really excited about the opportunity to take a class for that long and get to do all the teacher things for a period of time. Then I calculated out the finances of teaching for 6 weeks verses taking a part time para position for the rest of the year ('cause we're on a budget and paying off debt), and talked to Tim about it. Tim was so sweet to wake up and discuss the situation with me before I headed out the door.

So I turned down the para position and agreed to sub today and tomorrow and for 6 weeks after Spring Break. I was nervous about today, meeting the class, seeing how things go, if I could handle a 5th and 6th grade combined class... and now after the day is over I am really excited to go back tomorrow and for the opportunity starting next month!

Another great thing about God's timing, I was asked by another teacher today in our church at the same school if I can cover his class Wednesday-Friday this week when I'm done with this current assignment. God is really blessing me with lots of subbing positions and I am so thankful. I feel like my education has a purpose right now, which I was worried about last school year.