Wedding Registries

I am totally loving this whole registry thing. Although Tim and I were kinda burnt out after spending a couple hours in each store and ready to just get it over's fun to go back and look at the registry and see everything we might get. The other night I was bored and decided to shop some more online and started choosing a few odds and ends that would be fun/nice to have.

It's still kinda weird thinking that I'll be living with a male in 2 months. He'll be my husband, it just seems kinda weird 'cause it'll be a whole new experience.

Home Depot
Bed Bath and Beyond

Engagement Pictures

Tim and I got our engagement pictures taken today. We had a lot of fun. I am real pleased with the photographer we have. He's a man in my dad's church and was great to work with. His wife came out also and helped. They'll be a great team to work with more.

"Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen

I enjoyed reading when I was little, but when I got into junior high and I was required to read for school, and books that they picked out for us, I quickly lost interest in reading. I'm always amazed by people who love to read and spend their spare time reading. So last summer I got myself back into reading and love it!

I just finished reading "Hoot." It's out in theatres now, but I wanted to read the book before going to see it. I absolutely loved the movie "Because of Winn Dixie," I saw it 3 times. And I recently got that book too, but I'm having such a hard time reading it since I've already seen the movie and know what to expect.

I didn't want to do that with Hoot since I have heard it is such a great story. And it is! The book kept my attention the whole time. There are a couple of curse words in the book, and then it'll just say, "So and so said a few curse words." I'm hoping that they use no language or little if necessary in the movie. I just think it's unnecessary to get a point across. You can describe someone's anger without using fowl language.

The story l ine is great, and I hope the movie captures it just as well as it is written by Carl Hiaasen. Tim is coming in town today so maybe I can get our family to go watch it before he leaves Saturday evening.

Love for a Child

In the midst of all of the wedding excitement and stress my mind and heart has not been able to leave one of my kindergarten students. He shows up in my dreams and I think about him every day. I didn't realize how much these kids really find a home in my heart. I have been praying for him and thinking about him so much. I emailed my cooperative teacher today to say hi and ask a favor and to see how he is doing. She doesn't know right now. He has missed a week of school. She said she would let me know how he is when she sees or hears of him next. My heart feels broken right now as I sit here in tears for fear of what he is going through right now. A five year old should not have the rough life he has, but he does. The teachers classroom should be a safe place for students to go to and forget about their worries of their hard lives. This child has not had that opportunity this week, and that breaks my heart. He doesn't have his loving teacher and friends to see and share a hug and smile with every day. All I can do is pray for God's protection over him, and trust that God will take care of my little soldier.

Mmmmm Cake!

Mom and I ordered the wedding cake and groom's cake today. We don't have a picture of what it will look like, we kinda picked and chose things from a couple different cakes that we like and the people are going to make it for us.
So the cake will be a surprise on the wedding day along with the bouquets. I know it'll all look beautiful.
Invitations should be going out tomorrow. We have one more thing to add to it, then put them in the addressed envelopes and they're good to mail.
Tomorrow I meet with the photographer and talk about what all he can do and what I want.

I'm a college graduate!!!

A lot has been going on lately. I've been engaged for 3 weeks now. We've got well over half the wedding planned. I am in the middle of sending out invitations, and I'm meeting with a photographer on Thursday. I'm praying that I really like his work, and that he's got an art of photography, 'cause that would be a huge prayer answered. And it's a big plus that he goes to our church and my family knows him. Besides wedding plans, my family met most of Tim's family on Thursday. That went really well. Dad keeps telling me how much he likes Tim's family. And then Saturday I graduated! So now I just need to continue with wedding plans and keep on top of finding a teaching job also. I need to apply to a few more school districts this week.
*The random butterfly picture is just to brag on my great photography skills this weekend. :) I really did take that picture!


Mom and I paid for all the flowers we'll need for the wedding. I don't have a picture to show for my bouquet or my bridesmaid's bouquets, but I have a picture that we worked from with the florist to make smaller bouquets. They'll be really pretty, but it's hard to describe. I showed her this picture and she was amazed by it, but was truthful with the pricing. The girls will have 1 pink hydrangea with 1 cream gerber daisy in the middle with little white daisies around it and some greenery. Mine will have 2 pink hydrangeas and 5 cream gerber daisies in the bouquet and 3 cream gerber daisies cascading from the bouquet with some lilly grass...or something like that. And then the little white daisies all through with some greenery.

Bridesmaid Dresses

David's Bridal Expressions Collection in Pool.

Back Home

I moved back home for the summer last night. I wanted to be able to go with my family to get my sister's bridesmaid dress...and I am sooo glad I did that.

I got home around midnight, talked to my family for about 5 minutes then went to sleep. I woke up about 9, took our time getting around, then went to Bossier City, Louisiana which has the closest Davids Bridal to us. We found the dress and in the size that Katelin needs, just not the color. The lady helping us went to check the date of when the dress could be in the soonest...and the date is July 29th. A week after the wedding! Ummm...not gonna happen!

So I called the Davids Bridal where I got my dress, and they didn't have the dress in store, and I was bummed and about to hang up, when the lady stopped me real quick and gave me 2 numbers to Davids Bridals that are showing they have the dress in the store...exact style, color and size we need. I tried the first number which was another Louisiana store, and the number wasn't a working number. So I called the Colorado store she gave me...and they have the dress!!!

So on Monday they should be mailing the dress home, and then Mom will find someone to alter the dress for Katelin.

God has really been generous with this wedding. I fall in love with the most popular color for weddings this summer. Try to do a wedding in less than 3 months, and am told that it will take that long for the dresses to be ordered...but God worked it out so that my 4 bridesmaid dresses that my bridesmaids like can all get in, in time for the wedding. Amazing!

Mom and I searched for pictures of bouquets online tonight. We'll probably go to a florist Monday or Tuesday. I also searched for photographers in town and found a few of them with websites and emailed them for rates and if they are available the day of the wedding. So I'm praying for that and waiting for replies. Dad is also going to check with people at church if they do photography or know someone who does a great job.

I got an email back from Kym about the wedding bands. I need to look at the ones she suggested. It looks like the wedding bands are more difficult than I thought they would be.

I think Tim also reserved our honeymoon place today. So that's all taken care of.

All of this wedding stuff really drains me. It has been a super long day with it being all about wedding. Hopefully it wont take much longer to figure everything out, and then I'll have some time to relax. I've been engaged for 2 weeks and I've worked on wedding stuff every single day. We do have more than half the wedding planned though, so at least we're getting somwhere!

Keep the Prayers coming. They're working!

I get my color choice of bridesmaid dresses! We are going with "pool" from David's Bridal. Glory (Tim's sister) set up an appointment to try on dresses on Monday and ordered her dress which will be coming in on June 12th. Grace and Nancy (Tim's sister and mom) looked at dresses and ordered one for Grace on Tuesday, and it's coming in on June 15th. I just ordered Brooke's (my sister-in-law) dress today and it will be coming in on June 14th. Now I just have to get Katelin (my sister) a dress, which will get done this Saturday.

I'm moving home for the summer on Friday. I was planning on going on Saturday, but I want to be there when my sister tries on bridesmaid dresses.

I am so in awe and amazed with how smoothly everything is coming together. I can see God's hand in every step of the planning. Tim and I settled on wedding invitations and I'm about to order those so we can get them out in a timely manner. I was super nervous last week about if we'd have enough time to get everything together, but July 22nd seems ordained by God for Tim and I to get married then. The road blocks I thought we've hit have just been little bumps that God has flown right over. And God has even had things done that I wasn't even planning to happen...such as my wedding dress. How amazing it was that I didn't even plan to get one so early, but God knew how much time I would need for it to be altered and ready for me...and it was the right time and place to get the one I love.

Also today Nancy (Tim's mom) called to tell me the good news about the rehersal dinner. She called around town today to figure out a place for them to stay while they are down for the wedding, and also for places to cater or go for the rehersal dinner. She found 3 deals, 2 of which are great and would be awesome for either way she chooses.

Tim and I are almost set on a honeymoon place also. We're down to about 3 different places to choose from.

I am amazed with how great and fast things are coming along. Praise God for His mighty hand and moving mountains for all of this running smoothly.

Next prayer requests:
*I still need to apply to a couple more school districts for jobs.
*I can focus on my schooling/job application process and get that out of the way...or to a place where I can relax and rely on God. This means taking a little time off from wedding plans.
*We can find a dress for Katelin on Saturday or that one can be ordered to come in the middle of June.
*Invitations get to us in a timely manner so we can send them out in time for a heads up for out-of-towners (which is pretty much everyone).
*That Tim and I find time to do wedding registries before I move home on Friday.
*Tuxedo/suit choices will not take long and that we can get groomsmen measurements and the tux/suit we decide on.
*I can decide on flowers for the wedding. I haven't even started looking into that yet.
*That we can decide on the honeymoon place in time to book it far enough in advanced.