Exciting Day!

There has been lots going on lately.
I've been subbing in different schools now that my long term position is up. I had a wonderful 1st grade class Thursday afternoon and got to see them Friday when I subbed in music.
Tim's brother and sister (Mark and Grace) came up Wednesday and will be with us through Thursday. Monday, his other brothers and their families will come hang out for Memorial Day.

I have been emailing back and forth with a girl from my long term position. She will be in 7th grade next year and of age for our youth group, so I sent her our summer schedule and her mom said she can come to some of it! I am so excited to hopefully get her plugged in to the church. Plus this will be a great way for her to meet more people who will be at the middle school. She is coming from a really small school, so this should help her feel more comfortable. I can't wait for our summer schedule to start and see her again.

Scroll through the pictures to see what else is happening.

It is almost June and our apple tree is finally showing signs of Spring. The apple blossoms were in full bloom in time for Mother's Day last year.

This is our plum bush. I didn't even know it existed until Fall last year when it had fruit. There are tons of these plum bushes. I can't wait to eat them this year!

Grace and I were walking around finding things to photograph. This little guy was doing different poses for us; this is my favorite.

And finally, Tim's iMac came by FedEx today. We had a grad party to go to this afternoon, and when we got home the package was on the porch. He hasn't moved from this spot since he set it up. We'll see if he steps away any time before bedtime.

Look close and you can notice Tim's short hair. I gave him a haircut this morning. I think I'm getting better each time. He's such a good sport about it! :)

A Day Full of Fun

Tara running into home; Megan as catcher; Hannah who made all 3 outs in one inning!

(Left: Tim visiting with Hannah's family; Right: Julia, Brittany, Crosbee and me)

Yesterday was so great! From 8am-4:00pm I subbed at the district pre-school. The teachers were having periodic meetings, so I subbed for about 5 different people during that time going from classroom to classroom. That was pretty enjoyable keeping super busy and getting to work with lots of different kids.

Then at 4:30 Tim and I went to watch the 8th grade girls softball games. 5 out of the 7 girls in my small group play softball and we got to see all of them yesterday plus 2 more girls in our youth group. The weather wasn't the greatest for the game. We sat through a pretty good rainfall in the beginning of the 2nd game, but this was the only game we've been able to make, so we stayed.

Then at 6:45 I went with Amanda to a house party hermother-in-law was throwing for Norwex cleaning supplies. That was a lot of fun too. We got to meet new people, and look through the catalog of supplies. I felt really guilty 'cause I don't clean as often as they were talking about. I would like to try their stuff out, but I gotta get Tim on board to let me put it in our budget. He's mainly skeptical about it. Their clothes of silver in them, so they say that kills bacteria with the silver. If you want to check out their stuff go to the Norwex website.

I was out of the house from 8am-10:15pm with about 30 minutes before the softball game to make myself a sack dinner. I absolutely loved being out and around people all day long!

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mom has been a very special part of my life. She has always been loving and caring, and I admire her so much. I think it's hard to know how much you appreciate your Mom until you move out. I remember my freshman year in college I had a dream that my Mom was waking me up for school like she did all my life, then I woke up to my alarm remembering I was in college and Mom wasn't around. I was really bummed that day and became pretty homesick. It's little memories like that and taking care of me when I'm sick that I will always remember.

Thank you Mom for all you have done and for all that you mean to me.

Three More Days

I am so excited that I have three days left in my long term subbing position! I am very glad that I had this opportunity to teach, and I will miss a handful of kids, but over all I am ready for it to be over. This week has been going okay so far. Today I had 8 kids sent to the office to fill out a responsibility plan. Not the greatest, but I love this new discipline plan that we are following and it totally takes the stress off of me and hands the situations back to the students. I have one kid getting the first after school detention tomorrow. I'm interested to find out how that goes.

Next week I already have subbing jobs for Monday-Wednesday. It'd be nice to have work Wednesday-Friday instead to get a break in between, but I am looking forward to not having to do the lesson plans for those days!

This week has mainly been focused on grading papers and trying to get things in order for the teacher to come back. I've gotten a lot done with a help of some great girls in the class. They have really been a blessing.

Time for bed. Three more days!!!