Happy 21st Birthday Grandpa!

Today my Grandpa turns 21! It is so fun to say that he is younger than me. In fact, we were 20 years old in the same year. That was a very special year! I think I've told everyone I've come in contact about that my Grandpa's birthday is today. It's not very often that I can say that.

Thank you for being a godly example to all of us. I love looking at the Wayman family pictures and knowing that you have raised us all to find faith in Jesus Christ and making that faith our own. I have so many memories of visiting G'pa and G'ma's house. I think some of my favorite would include every trip out to the farm, especially the fishing we would do. I also loved it when we would go digging for salt crystals and bring them back, wash them off and be in awe of what we found. Thank you for what you have made our family into. I love you lots!

Texarkana, TX

Tim and I staying with Grandpa and Grandma as we move to Minnesota.

Grandpa and his sons with a few of his grandkids at the farm.

Most of the Wayman clan.

See Your Chiropractor

Every week for the last 2 months my prayer request at confirmation was that I would get better. Last week my co-teacher suggested that I go see a chiropractor, that they usually have the best way to get over sinuses. One of our boy's small group leaders is a chiropractor so I found him before leaving last week and asked him about what to do for sinuses, so he suggested a natural herb that will boost my immune system. Tim has been going to the chiropractor the last couple of weeks for his back, so I had him buy what I needed when he went in for his appointment.

I have been taking this stuff for a week now and feel so much better. It feels like I've been better for 2 weeks now, I was trying to figure out how long I need to continue taking acidophilus. I was surprised the remember it's only been one week. I think the last time I felt this healthy was before Thanksgiving. I've also been working out regularly for 2 months now which is helping a lot.

My chiropractor's orders are to take acidophilus for 3 weeks, and to stop taking any other kind of medication. So that's what I'm doing. Last night before going to sleep I started getting a headache and would normally go for the Tylenol right away, but made my self just sleep, 'cause that is really what my body needed instead.

God's Timing

God has been laying on my heart to really study about His timing, and taking every day as it comes.

Last week I was subbing in a paraprofessional position that the district is hiring for, thinking that would be a good in, since I would like to be a para next school year. I was struggling all week wondering if my heart was really in it. I liked the thought that I would have the same kids to work with and see progress for the rest of the school year, but I was bummed that it was part time and I wouldn't be using my teaching license.

On Friday I got a call from a teacher in our church asking if I could substitute teach in his classroom today and tomorrow. I told him I was available for Monday but not Tuesday because of the position I was thinking about getting hired for, and he was going to look for someone who could take both days. Not even 10 minutes later he called back asking if I would take a 6 weeks long-term subbing position for his class after Spring Break. I told him I'd call back and let him know that day. I was really excited about the opportunity to take a class for that long and get to do all the teacher things for a period of time. Then I calculated out the finances of teaching for 6 weeks verses taking a part time para position for the rest of the year ('cause we're on a budget and paying off debt), and talked to Tim about it. Tim was so sweet to wake up and discuss the situation with me before I headed out the door.

So I turned down the para position and agreed to sub today and tomorrow and for 6 weeks after Spring Break. I was nervous about today, meeting the class, seeing how things go, if I could handle a 5th and 6th grade combined class... and now after the day is over I am really excited to go back tomorrow and for the opportunity starting next month!

Another great thing about God's timing, I was asked by another teacher today in our church at the same school if I can cover his class Wednesday-Friday this week when I'm done with this current assignment. God is really blessing me with lots of subbing positions and I am so thankful. I feel like my education has a purpose right now, which I was worried about last school year.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tim and I have been in Minnesota for a year now! God has made it clear that this is where we are to be right now, and I am so thankful for that. Wednesday was the one year of the day we arrived here, and wow did God move at small groups that night! We were going along with our lesson when one of the girls was suppose to read a verse, but mistakenly looked up a different verse, then tried it again and came up with another verse that tied directly to the first "mistake." Then we read the verse with our lesson and I stopped us and said, "Let's go back and read those verses again and see if God is trying to tell us something." And sure enough, it convicted something one of the girls had just said, and convicted my heart about something Tim and I had talked about a couple nights prior. And the other girls were able to find something in their life that the verses applied to also. I love it when God shows up and gives us His agenda!

For Valentine's Day the girls in my small group had the great idea to make Valentine's cards for members of our church in senior homes and nursing homes. So Marcia (my co-leader) and I spent a couple hours on Thursday delivering the cards and visiting with people. It was such a rewarding day with lots of laughter and tears. Some of the women we met completely blessed us with our visit. I think that made this year my favorite Valentine's Day. I can't think of a better way than using the holiday to serve Christ.

A Visit from Mark and Grace

Mark and Grace were able to come spend a few days with Tim and I while his parents babysat their grandkids in the city. Dan and David went on vacation together, and we got the opportunity to go skiing with Grace and Mark for their first time!

Me, Grace, Tim and Mark

We brought Grace and Mark home with us Saturday night, so they got to experience our long Sunday morning schedule, then we ate roast with potatoes and carrots and onions (I've been wanting that meal for a really long time!) and spent the afternoon sledding down our hill and walking across our lake. And of course last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, so we went to the community youth group party for the game and pizza. We got there early and were able to play a few games of Spoons but with knives (don't worry, they were plastic and it didn't get too competitive.)

Monday Tim and I took off from work to go skiing while Grace and Mark were here. We had such a great time! Nicole, one of my girls in my small group also came with us and had a great time. We started off on the bunny slope getting use to being on the skis and going side to side. Then we moved up to a Green, then Blue, then Black! I was very impressed with Mark and Grace moving up so quickly, Mark even lead our pack on some of the runs! That was my first black to try too, which wasn't too bad after skiing in Montana. Tim and I figured people had to be getting tired of us comparing our ski hill to Montana, but it was hard not to compare.
Grace and I stuck together all day. Our skiing preferences are a lot alike. I was impressed with her though, she went down before me on the black. I looked and Grace and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?" And she said, "sure." So I told her, "You first!" :) And down she went. We had quite a comical scene going down our second time thanks to the people watching (staring), and talking to us from the chair lift.

Then Tuesday Tim worked in the morning, I took a subbing job in the afternoon, and Mark and Grace went with Tim to work in the afternoon and clean out the youth closet. I still haven't looked at it yet, I'll have to do that Sunday. Then Tim took Mark and Grace out on our friend's snowmobile for a little while. And we ended our night watching the varsity wrestling match then meeting Tim's Mom half way to get Grace and Mark.

Tim and I on the chair lift.

Mark and Grace about to go down Frickadilly.

Nicole and I.