A Visit from Mark and Grace

Mark and Grace were able to come spend a few days with Tim and I while his parents babysat their grandkids in the city. Dan and David went on vacation together, and we got the opportunity to go skiing with Grace and Mark for their first time!

Me, Grace, Tim and Mark

We brought Grace and Mark home with us Saturday night, so they got to experience our long Sunday morning schedule, then we ate roast with potatoes and carrots and onions (I've been wanting that meal for a really long time!) and spent the afternoon sledding down our hill and walking across our lake. And of course last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, so we went to the community youth group party for the game and pizza. We got there early and were able to play a few games of Spoons but with knives (don't worry, they were plastic and it didn't get too competitive.)

Monday Tim and I took off from work to go skiing while Grace and Mark were here. We had such a great time! Nicole, one of my girls in my small group also came with us and had a great time. We started off on the bunny slope getting use to being on the skis and going side to side. Then we moved up to a Green, then Blue, then Black! I was very impressed with Mark and Grace moving up so quickly, Mark even lead our pack on some of the runs! That was my first black to try too, which wasn't too bad after skiing in Montana. Tim and I figured people had to be getting tired of us comparing our ski hill to Montana, but it was hard not to compare.
Grace and I stuck together all day. Our skiing preferences are a lot alike. I was impressed with her though, she went down before me on the black. I looked and Grace and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?" And she said, "sure." So I told her, "You first!" :) And down she went. We had quite a comical scene going down our second time thanks to the people watching (staring), and talking to us from the chair lift.

Then Tuesday Tim worked in the morning, I took a subbing job in the afternoon, and Mark and Grace went with Tim to work in the afternoon and clean out the youth closet. I still haven't looked at it yet, I'll have to do that Sunday. Then Tim took Mark and Grace out on our friend's snowmobile for a little while. And we ended our night watching the varsity wrestling match then meeting Tim's Mom half way to get Grace and Mark.

Tim and I on the chair lift.

Mark and Grace about to go down Frickadilly.

Nicole and I.