Go Ahead and Laugh

I've had a couple funny things happen to me the last couple of days. They actually didn't really happen to me, more so things I've done that kind of surprised me, but made me laugh a LOT! :)
Today I had an interview in a school district in the Dallas area. So I drove to my aunt and uncle's yesterday evening.

I drove my Geo, which the air conditioner doesn't work well in, so I drove with the windows down the whole way. I didn't want my hair to be one big knot by the time I stopped driving, so I fumbled around and found one of my dad's caps behind the seat. I looked in the mirror and had a great laugh at my new hickish look. About an hour into my drive I looked behind my shoulder and noticed part of my car flapping in the wind. The convertible gets a lot of wear and tear, and this one part was barely hanging on. I keep duct tape in my car for little mishaps with having a convertible, mainly keeping water out. So I figured instead of pulling over and trying to fix the panel I'd just duct tape the strip to the car. That lasted for about a whole of 20 minutes until it couldn't stand up to the wind. So there I was driving along with my dad's cap on and my car duct taped together. What a sight! :)

My other thing that I had a good laugh at myself was at my interview today. I was nervous, although having a great time talking to the principal and assistant principal, but still nervous. I think what makes me the most nervous about finding a job is that teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and it means a whole lot to me to be able to teach a classroom of kids.

Anyways, so at the beginning of my interview (50 minutes long) I noticed a nervous mannerism that I was doing. When I was finished with a thought, explaining something or whatever I would touch my shoulders. I don't remember ever doing this before as I talk, and even caught myself the first time I did it today, but for some reason couldn't get myself to stop until about the third time it happened. I was so embarrassed about touching my shoulders, 'cause I could just imagine that looked pretty silly. I guess they didn't really seem to care though, because I got a call about 30 minutes afterwards offering me the position.

I need to pray about this. I know it will be a tough position to teach. I'll be working with inner city kids pretty much, and a lot of ESL students. I'm still praying about the position at my school I student taught at. The district approved for them to have the 4th grade class, so hopefully I can talk to the principal tomorrow and get an interview in tomorrow as well. I asked for a couple days to think and decide about the position at the school I talked to today. So we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Time to Work

The first month of mine and Tim's engagement was busy getting all the main stuff for the wedding planned and taken care of. Then I had a lot of time to sit back and relax. Now things are starting to pick up. I've got an interview for a 5th grade position on Wednesday. I'm gonna go tomorrow night to stay with my Uncle Mark, Aunt Wanda and Cousin Erin. I'm excited to see them. It feels like it's been forever since I've seen them, so I can't wait to catch up on everything going on. Before I leave I need to work on tidbits of wedding stuff, work on things for our youth mission trip next week, call some more schools, and meet with our church's organist to go over the music for the wedding.
I'll also get to see Tim and hopefully the youth when I come to town. Tim is going to let me borrow his car for my interview, and I'm hoping to make it to youth group afterwards. Then back to Mark, Wanda and Erin's, and home on Thursday. I feel like I've been busy working all day today, but I've got a lot more work to do tomorrow. I need to get to bed soon.

I love Tim!

It's amazing to see and feel how much my love for Tim has grown so much just within the last couple of months. I've always heard that your love for someone grows over the years, and I am so excited to experience that for the rest of our lives. I just saw Tim yesterday and I already miss him like crazy. I get to see him Friday for our last pre-marital counseling session, so I'm looking forward to that. 5 more weeks until the wedding. Although it sounds like a long time to me right now, when I start thinking of everything we're doing between now and then it's just the right time. We've got counseling, pick up my dress, bridal shower, bridal portraits, my hurricane relief mission trip, Tim's mission trip to the Ukraine, finish wedding decor, get marriage license, lingerie shower and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. Oh, and hopefully finding a job in the midst of all of this. I'm hoping everything will keep me busy to not think of the time left we have, but I pray that I wont get stressed out 'cause not getting to see Tim every day makes the stress more than it already seems.


Things are going well.
I taught my first Sunday School this summer on Sunday. I think it went well, I'm still trying to figure out where the youth are with their faith.
I got to see Tim this weekend. That was great. It was really hard going 2 weeks without seeing him. I am going to need a lot of prayers when he goes to the Ukraine and I can't even talk to him for about 12 days.
Sunday my dad's church also put on a bridal shower for me. God has really blessed Tim and I.
And I have been working on finding a classroom to teach in. I'm still calling some schools for the first time, and faxing in my resume, and I need to start making follow up calls soon.

SELF magazine

I rarely buy magazines anymore. The only ones I'm sort of interested in are fitness magazines, my top choice being SELF magazine. I even stopped buying those though. My purpose for them is to see if there are any new exercise moves that I haven't seen or heard of to try out. So instead of buying the magazine I'd sneak a quick pick while waiting in the check-out line. Well this time the newest SELF magazine was in a plastic bag, so I couldn't open it up and see. The headlines caught my eye, which they're suppose to, and so I splurged and bought my first magazine of the year. Yes I have gotten bridal magazines, but those have been given to me.

Anyways, theres a section of tear-out cards in the middle of the magazine with a few different ab excercizes with the exercize ball. Luckily they also have a video online showing how these exercizes work because just one picture of one position of an exercize doesn't really tell all. They give a description of what to do, but I'm not real bright when it comes to exercize moves, so the videos helped a lot.

It was kinda fun to try out these ab work-outs. My only thing, a couple of them were pretty hard 'cause I'm not good at balancing on the ball. Good thing no one was around to watch. I'm sure it was pretty funny. :)

Workin' out with Charity

This morning I was feeling pretty sluggish so I forced myself to get up and work out to my favorite work-out video. It's got a great drum rhythm in it, which apparently our bird liked. She would first study the moves I was doing to the video then started trying to do them in her own bird-like way. I don't think I got as great of a work out as usual to this video because I was so distracted wanting to see what Charity was doing with each move I did. Took my mind off of the hard work of the work out though, which was nice.

I really recommend Crunch Fat Burning Pilates to anyone who doesn't have bad knees. It's a great workout that I feel tons better right after doing it. It really energizes you! Another favorite thing I like about it is you get a total body stretch while exercising, which makes sure you're not sore afterwards. Of course...the first week I ever did this excercise video I was sore...mainly 'cause I hadn't worked out in a long time and my body wasn't use to it. But after that I haven't been sore since after doing this workout.

*The picture above is what Charity looks like. She's a Quaker Parrot.