I have 2 more days of student teaching. Tomorrow will be my last full day student teaching. Tuesday I may have a sub for the first half of the day, and then the second half will be spent with the students saying bye. I learned a lot of discipline strategies with kindergarten 'cause thats mainly all kinder is.

Wedding stuff:
We've got the date set: July 22, 2006 at 2pm.
We've got the church and reception place: Dad's church.
We've got the pastor.
I've got my dress paid for and will pick it up on June 23rd.
We've decided on our wedding party.
We're almost finished with our invitation list and invitations.
We've only been engaged for 8 days now. And are getting married in less than 3 months.
It's a short time to plan a wedding, but so far things are falling into place.

My new prayer request for the wedding...
Bridesmaids dresses.
It takes 12 weeks for the dresses to come in if we order them. The wedding is in 12 weeks. Er goes a problem. So this is what I'm thinking. I'm sticking to my color. My bridesmaids are going to go try on the dress style they want in the size they need then we will call and search every Davids Bridal necessary to get the dress. If all else fails we'll switch the color and go with whatever we can get our hands on.
Pray that God will lead us to the right dresses.

Also pray for my stress level and emotions. I am super emotional...excited, happy, nervous, and frustrated all at once. Last night I developed a headache while sleeping and figured that it's probably because I was stressing about the wedding in my sleep. Don't know what I was dreaming about, just know that it made my head hurt.

I went to my first job fair on Saturday. I think it went okay. I don't know really 'cause I have nothing to compare it to. This Friday I have another one, but it's a different format, and I'm really hoping it works out well 'cause I would love to teach in the district I'm in now. But again, God knows what is best for Tim and I, and He has the plans already worked out, so I'll go with the flow, and see what comes out of all of this.

I found my dress!!!

Debra and I went to David's Bridal to show her the color of my bride's maids dresses and she talked me into trying on wedding gowns. We picked out 5 of them on account of me liking them and the price being reasonable. And we found one that I fell in love with and it's Debra's favorite of them on me also. The ladies at the store were shocked to find out that I hadn't gotten a dress yet and my wedding is on July 22nd, but then understood when they found out I've only been engaged for one week now.
I called Mom and Dad today and asked if I can buy the dress tomorrow 'cause I need to send it in for alterations and cleaning, which will take 6-8 weeks to get back. And they said yes! The dress is discontinued, so I can't show people pictures online...plus I can't let Tim see it. Tomorrow Debra and I will take more pictures of the dress so I can show my parents and a select few. :)

God absolutely has this wedding in His hands. I can already tell by how well things are coming together. Now I need to definately make sure my brides maids get their dresses so we can make sure they get to us on time.

All of this is so exciting and wearing me out! I have never been so excited for such a long time. And I have a feeling I'll be excited for the next 2 1/2 months as everything comes together.
Lots of things to do!


The more I try to think of things for the wedding, the more clueless I find out I am. I don't know where to start.
We've already got our first conflict. We're wanting to get married July 22, 2006 (this Summer). But, Tim is suppose to be at a camp in Knoxville the week of the 22nd and be done on the 21st...but that's not early enough for him to make it for when his family comes to town early for the wedding. So we're waiting to hear back from someone tomorrow to see if they will be able to take Tim's place so Tim can get married. I know God has everything under control...I just hate to wait.
I've been looking at brides maids dresses. I like David's Bridal where I can pick the color and then the bridesmaids can pick the style. Their dresses are pretty expensive though. I'll have to look around some more. Is $130 too much for a bridesmaids dress...or is that normal? I figured I'd get the bridesmaids dresses under way first and then worry about my own dress. The color that I am leaning towards is called "pool." I don't want to do pinks or periwinkle or red. Those have all been done or want to be done by family. I like the advertisements that David's Bridal have put out using pool. I like the bright splash of color. I'm still not completely sure though. Feedback on that would be nice.

I've been getting to bed really late with all this wedding stuff on my mind. I need to wake up extra early tomorrow so I can get to school early and set up for us to make Ladybug Hangers. I need to prep the hangers and make circle die cuts in the morning. It'll be fun!

I'm Engaged!

I'll tell you my side of the story tomorrow hopefully, but until then here's Tim's recap. He also has more pictures of the proposal on his site too.

Hard Sleep

I'm still battling my allergy/sinus stuff I got last week. Mom got me some Target brand pseudephed(sp?) this weekend which is helping. The pharmacist told us it's a stimulant...and that it is. Usually that stuff makes me drowsy, but this I guess is designated non-drowsy although the box doesn't say so. Last night right before going to bed I took some of that medicine so I could breathe while I slept...except forgot that it's a stimulant. I tossed and turned until around 10pm trying to figure out why I couldn't fall asleep, then remembered what the pharmacist said about the medicine. I forced myself to sleep and finally got some sleep. I fell into a deep sleep that I woke up several times during the night thinking that I was sleeping through my alarm. Even waking up at 12:30am thinking that. Tonight I'll take the correct medicine for my allergies.

I had my first dream of one of my students. One of our boy's birthdays was last week, so that was the gist of my dream topic. He wasn't in class today, so I hope he is feeling okay and will be there tomorrow. We did get back one of our students that was sick all last week, so that was nice to have him back. I really enjoy teaching and being there for my students.

Happy Easter!

I have really enjoyed my weekend home with my family. My dad's parents have been home for the weekend also. I love family, and am blessed to have this time with them. Only a couple more weeks until I am home for the summer. I leave today to go back for school. I miss Tim a lot. I wish he could've came home this weekend with me, but we'll be making a road trip next week to see Jon and Brooke and then Tim's brother and sister-in-law. It's been forever since I've seen Jon and Brooke, so it's defiantely time. And that will make for a good Birthday present for me. I talked to my friend Kelle from Abilene yesterday and found out that her brother and sister-in-law just moved to my parent's home town last week, so I called them and invited them to come to church today. So that will be fun to get to see them again. I am so happy it is Easter. What a wonderful day to worship Christ. The weather is gorgeous and everything is good.

Sickness is no fun!

I'm trying to fight off some allergy/sinus/cold thing I've got goin' on. 2 nights ago I slept with my window open and I ended up getting some really bad allergies. Last night I had the windows shut, but then got hot with my lack of a/c and developed a cough. We've had a few kids out sick this week, and a few more not feeling well during the day. Something is definately going around. When I had my tonsils I was good at figuring out what was going on with my body, but now not so much. I feel like I'm having to read myself all over again.
I just applied to two more school districts tonight, and now it's time for bed.

One more thing...

Tim added lots of my senior pictures to his photo album on his blog. More that I like, and a few that I don't. Here's the link for those...

Senior Pictures


Every day so far traffic has been good. I drive the opposite way than the main traffic all the way to school...but today was a mess. I left the house at 6:50 which will usually get me to school at 7:30 if I take my time...some times earlier. But today I didn't get to the school until 8:15. I spent over an hour on the road this morning. The only thing I heard on the news that was the reason for the traffic was over 10 miles away from where I got in the line of traffic. Either route I could choose to get to the school would have taken me to the heart of the problem. After traveling 2 miles in 20 minutes the accident was cleared and the traffic had lightened up. It was still thicker than usual, but I was able to go the speed limit.

Today was also suppose to be my first full day teaching Kindergarten...which I did do most of it, but my teacher still stepped in and helped with a few things...which I am very grateful for. Getting to the school late when planning on getting there early to make sure I had everything in order really through my day off so I was a little frazzled. The students didn't seem to notice the difference. I did get bombarded when I walked in the room though. It was so cute. Even some of the boys who hadn't given me a hug before hurried over and hugged me. That was a nice turn of events.

Graduation Announcements

I decided to make my own graduation announcements instead of paying for the expensive official announcements the school is selling. I figured I can try to do something like those picture Christmas cards...or make my own announcements with the envelope and send a picture with it...I'll figure that out within the next 2 weeks.
Debra was so nice to cut and style my hair today before Tim and I went to the Botanic Gardens for him to take my pictures. I like how they turned out...and if it didn't take so long to post the pictures on here, I would've put more. I made a cd of the pictures to take home so my family can help me choose which picture/s to use for my graduation announcements.
But here's a sneak peek of some of the 100+ pictures taken...


More Pictures

And More Pictures

The Power of Prayer

I haven't been as stressed teaching Kindergarten as I was with 3rd grade, so I actually have the time and energy to do small groups again, but I'd only be able to do it for a few more weeks before I move home for the summer, so I don't want to do that to the girls. I miss them like crazy, and it was nice to see them at ATF and on Sunday mornings, but it's not the same. I so wanted to stay this last Wednesday after going up to finish my conversation with Lexi we were having online, but knew that I shouldn't.

When I came home I got "Lunch Money" a chapter book I'm reading for fun and got comfortable on the hammock to read. Then God started nudging my heart to go get my Bible and spend this time with Him. So I grabbed my Bible, journal and devotional and spent some time with God. He has laid a lot of stuff on my heart since ATF, and this was a nice start. I've decided to start memorizing scripture since I've never really done it before. The skits at ATF really spoke to me on memorizing scripture. It's good to have scripture close to your heart for when you don't have the Bible physically with you. So that's what I'm starting on now. Slowly but surely.

It was nice to set a side a long period of time with God, so I think Wednesday nights will be my extra special time with God for now on. I also started a Battle Plan at battlecry.com. One of the plans I chose was to memorize scripture on the power of prayer, so I figured that would be a good place for me to start my scripture memorization since I really didn't have an idea of where to start. I pray that this will help to keep me accountable in my walk with Christ also.


We had another student teacher meeting today. It was pointless as usual, but it's nice to have a day to leave student teaching early and go up to the University to let us get things done for graduation and what not. I went to that ESL study session a couple weeks ago, and brought the papers they gave us to make copies for Melanie and Beth and also a couple professors...I figured they'd be in high demand since this test has been almost impossible for most of us to pass. While waiting for all the copies to be made one of the ESL teachers asked if we wanted her to do a study session with us before we take the test again in 2 weeks. So we are going to meet next Thursday at 3 to study for this test some more. I need to read over this packet before then and look at the competencies I did well and not well in.

Jello Arms

Tim and I went to work out tonight...he had me do free weights and my arms are already super weak. I can barely even lift up my cup long enough to take a drink. I'm pretty sure tomorrow morning will be a struggle after not using my arms all night long.

After working out I cooked us some healthy sloppy joes. I don't recommend them at all. It was nice that they weren't all fattening and giving the unhealthy feeling after eating it...especially after working out. But it just wasn't the same to eat the regular sloppy joes I grew up on. I used ground turkey and we ate them on wheat buns. It was a good thought, and Tim was nice enough to eat it without complaining...I don't think I'll be making them again.

My Own Personal Project

I have decided to take a kindergartner under my wing and give him extra attention. He isn't even in my class, but God has really laid him on my heart. So far what I have found out is that he has a rough home life, and he just needs love.

Yesterday as I was walking with the entire kindergarten class to recess I gave this boy a compliment and he was so completely excited. I found out later that this is because he rarely gets praised for good behavior. Mainly I think because there aren't many chances to find him doing good behavior. After recess he came up to me and asked if I would tell his teacher how good he was doing in the hall...so I decided I could do that. He was standing near by and just loved that I bragged on him to his teacher. He then asked if he could get a sticker for good behavior, so I responded with, "If you have good behavior for the rest of the week I will think about it." Today he wouldn't let me forget. At lunch I went over and asked him if he was being good for his teacher...and for once he actually was. I complimented him on his good behavior and he reminded me about his sticker, and I reminded him about making good choices for the rest of the week.

I continued talking to him for a little bit, and he showed me his lunch, and said he was sick and tired of the same sandwich over and over, and opened it up to show me his meat...which actually looks like the lunchmeat I buy for my sandwiches, so I told him about that and he took a great big bite of his sandwich and told me how tastey it was. That was too cute and just brightened my day.

I have a big heart for kids that do not have the greatest home life. I think my main reason for wanting to be a teacher is so I can be a stable good example for my students. I want to be someone they know they can depend on, and give them the knowledge and ability to succeed in their life.

I have already tried to rack my brain for different things I can do with this student on top of student teaching in my classroom. Next week I start taking over the entire day, so this will cut down on my time with him, but I have gotten permission from his teacher for him to come visit me when I want to work with him. I need to pray about it and figure out what would be best for him.

Too Little Time

I feel like there's not enough time in the day for me to do everything I want and get everything done that I need. I know I'm not the first one to feel this way, but this is one of the first times that I have felt this way.

After school I got everything together that I need for tomorrow and helped out another teacher with tools for her lesson tomorrow. Then I came home and worked on my application process for about 2 hours, at dinner, had a couple minutes to hang out and talk to Tim about what we want to do for my birthday, go grocery shopping and now home to go to sleep.

Once again I am going to sleep after 10 which means I will be dead tired again tomorrow. I wasn't even able to fit in working out today. I don't think things will slow down either with next week I will be taking over the entire day and my application process picking up.

Good news though, my observation went well today. My professor had all good comments, and I was excited how quickly the students picked up which animals are oviparous and which ones are not.

Beauty Marks

I am trying to get my skin to clear up before next Sunday when I take my senior pictures hopefully to mail out as my graduation announcements. With doing this I have decided not to wear makeup this week, which made today the first day of my student teaching that I haven't worn make up to school...maybe second, but I'm not sure. So today while walking around observing my students at work one of the girls says, "Ms., you have a mole right above your eye brow. Moles are a mark of beauty, and you are beautiful." She obviously does not know the difference between a mole and a pimple... I really didn't think that this blemish is all that obvious, and still didn't after checking it out in the mirror, just shows you how observant kids are. Her remark makes me smile though 'cause she practically said my pimple is a sign of beauty. So, good news to all who struggle with acne. It's beautiful! :)

Hope this adds a little humor to your day. It did for me after I got over the initial embarassment I got from this 6 year old.

Acquire the Fire

God has laid a lot on my heart for me to think about. I'm excited to see what's in store.

Acquire the Fire was awesome. I am so blessed to be able to go. It got me really thinking. The main thing on my mind is the video clip they showed of last week's Battle Cry. You can see it on Tim's site at www.timschmoyer.com. Pretty crazy and eye opening. Something needs to change, and it is. Now I need to figure out how God can use me to make a difference.

I'll have more to write on Acquire the Fire and what God is doing later.

I filled out my first teacher application. Now I need to fill out the teachinsight thingy. I was thinking about doing it tonight, but I think it takes about 45 minutes to do, so I'll just wait until tomorrow. I am so excited I got my first application finished and sent. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting.