Happy Easter!

I have really enjoyed my weekend home with my family. My dad's parents have been home for the weekend also. I love family, and am blessed to have this time with them. Only a couple more weeks until I am home for the summer. I leave today to go back for school. I miss Tim a lot. I wish he could've came home this weekend with me, but we'll be making a road trip next week to see Jon and Brooke and then Tim's brother and sister-in-law. It's been forever since I've seen Jon and Brooke, so it's defiantely time. And that will make for a good Birthday present for me. I talked to my friend Kelle from Abilene yesterday and found out that her brother and sister-in-law just moved to my parent's home town last week, so I called them and invited them to come to church today. So that will be fun to get to see them again. I am so happy it is Easter. What a wonderful day to worship Christ. The weather is gorgeous and everything is good.