The Bachelor Rome

Okay. It's over. Lorenzo chose Jen. And I'm not happy. I don't think I'd be really happy if he chose Sadie either...'cause I really liked Sadie.

Sadie was my favorite of all girls. I liked her morals and her personality and how much depth she had to her.
Jen I didn't ever really like. She just seemed so flighty and airy to me. I never really saw much of a connection with her and Lorenzo like I did with him and Sadie.

I really liked that Sadie wrote in her list of what she wants in a man "Someone who cannot fathom being with another girl." It frustrated me this whole final episode that up until the last days Lorenzo was saying that he couldn't decide which girl he liked. With that I really didn't want him to choose Sadie because she deserves someone much better than that. I'm frustrated and upset 'cause I hated seeing Sadie hurt. But I'm also relieved 'cause I don't believe Lorenzo deserves her.

I hope that all the "confusion" through the finale was just for the show. I really hope Lorenzo knew who he wanted the whole time. I am glad that he didn't propose at the end...but I'm confused as to why he still gave Jen the family ring. He didn't ask her to marry him, so what was that?

I hope that things do work out for Lorenzo and Jen. I'm interested to watch the updates on "where is the bachelor now" type specials.
I really hope that Sadie ends up finding an incredible guy who will meet every requirement she has. It is possible. I have the best husband for me. God has truly blessed me with Tim. I am so lucky to have him as my prince!

Alright, that's my rant on this season's Bachelor. I didn't miss a show. And Tim was wonderfully understanding about my addiction to the show, letting me have my TV time.

Christmas is Coming!

We had a good time for Thanksgiving with my family. It was nice to have my whole family together. I brought our wedding pictures to show everyone who didn't see them online. It was fun getting to look at our wedding pictures over and over. :)

Friday I was able to decorate the Christmas tree with Mom and Tim. Tim even suggested us listen to Christmas music and listned with us...which is a big deal for him!

We came home Saturday after hauling in our car full of stuff. I think we came back with twice as much as we took...and we even accidently left some things!

Today I restacked all of our things in the dining room to make space for everything we had piled infront of our fire place. Then I put up our Christmas tree and ornaments and Christmas decorations that my mom gave us. It's fun to have decorations around. On Saturday while at Target I loved looking at all the Christmas decorations they were selling, but controlled myself from even asking Tim for things we didn't need. We did buy some stocking holders for the mantel and our "First Christmas" ornament. After putting up the decorations we have I'm glad we don't have any more this year because we don't have the space to decorate any more.

Almost all our Christmas shopping is done. We just need to buy for 2 more and each other. Presents are staying on the cheap side this year...especially with me about to take a pay-cut so I can substitute teach instead of be a receptionist.

I'm curious to find out tomorrow how much longer I will have my receptionist job. It all depends on how long or fast it takes them to find someone to replace me. I'm pretty sure I'll have this week to work...and maybe next week? We'll find out. I have substitute orientation on Wednesday. I'm excited and nervous. I just need to make myself go into it with the confidence I have for receptionist work.

Thanksgiving Plans

Tim and I are at my parents for the week. My dad's parents are coming in this afternoon, then tomorrow we'll travel to my great uncle's for Thanksgiving when Jon and Brooke will come up. I'm really excited to see all of my family. We'll have great times!

Tim and I still had a few wedding presents to open when we got here yesterday. Someone got us the silverware we registered for! I'm so excited, they're really nice!

I am going to start substitute teaching next month, so I have to take a TB test. I have to go in tomorrow then back on Saturday to get my results. I found out this morning that I'm really cutting it close to get that done in time for orientation, but it's all working out just fine.

I am so happy that Tim and I have this week to relax and enjoy family. I can't wait to find out all the fun stuff we'll do. In just a little bit we'll go up to the church, see my mom's classroom, check out the newly renovated sanctuary. They started work on it a couple days after our wedding. Talk about timing!

Then for lunch today Tim and I are going to get chik-fil-a and eat with Katelin at her school. I can't wait!

In sickness and in health

Well, I'm sick. I haven't been feeling well for a few days, and today is my second day to miss work. I was pretty determined to go today so we wouldn't miss out on a second day's pay, but we can definitely afford missing two days pay over a visit to the doctor. I've been resting a lot. I haven't been taking as much medicine, I feel semi-better, just weak and needing rest.

What really stinks is that I got Tim sick too. He's still working right now, but not doing great. We have 30 hour famine tonight and over night youth event packed full with stuff...I'm so frustrated 'cause I don't think I'll be able to participate at all, unless God miraculously heals me before then...but I don't know how good it'd be for me to fast 30 hours while not feeling well. And Tim is suppose to lead most of the weekend, but he's not feeling well.

God has everything under control. This is God's work this weekend, not ours.

Baby Face by Galoob

A while ago I came across a website to my favorite baby dolls. In third grade I went crazy about these dolls, and luckily puchased and received as many as possible before they were stopped being made after 2 great years!
"After two very successful years, Galoob arbitrarily and abruptly decided to discontinue the line, even though they were one of the most popular dolls on the market at that time."
I was searching ebay for a workout video and then decided to see what dolls are being sold with Christmas coming up...maybe I could get one? I know, I know, I'm out of college, married, and am wanting a baby doll!? I guess I'm still a kid at heart. But once you get a look at how cute they are, it's hard to turn them down!

There's a website dedicated to the dolls. I'm curious to know if anyone else remembers these baby dolls and became as attached to them as I did. Of course, I grew out of my doll phase, but luckily my mom hung on to the dolls for me. They are definately loved on, and I would never think about selling them. 'Course, some people are making good money on theirs to doll collectors, but that's for the ones that are in mint condition and have never been removed from the box. I would love to have one or 2 more of these dolls (different than what I already have) to keep and give to a daughter I will hopefully have some time.

Here are the ones I have:

#14 So Cute Carmen - rarity ranking 7
#9 So Shy Sherri - rarity ranking 15
#21 So Curious Cara bathtub - rarity ranking 9
#9 So Shy Shelia - rarity ranking 9

God chose me!

I have been reading through Romans lately and loving it. The past couple of days I have concentrated on Romans 9 with verse 16 really sticking out to me.

"So receiving God's promise is not up to us. We can't get it by choosing it or working hard for it. God will show mercy on anyone he chooses."

I am guilty of trying hard to be a good person to please God, putting more emphasis on what kind of person I am than focusing on God and letting God shape me himself. I love this verse, it really hits me hard. I already have God's promise. He chose me! There is nothing I can do to win God's affection. God is already crazy about me. So the best thing I can do is spend more time with God and develop our relationship, and then he will develop me into the person he wants me to be.