Baby Face by Galoob

A while ago I came across a website to my favorite baby dolls. In third grade I went crazy about these dolls, and luckily puchased and received as many as possible before they were stopped being made after 2 great years!
"After two very successful years, Galoob arbitrarily and abruptly decided to discontinue the line, even though they were one of the most popular dolls on the market at that time."
I was searching ebay for a workout video and then decided to see what dolls are being sold with Christmas coming up...maybe I could get one? I know, I know, I'm out of college, married, and am wanting a baby doll!? I guess I'm still a kid at heart. But once you get a look at how cute they are, it's hard to turn them down!

There's a website dedicated to the dolls. I'm curious to know if anyone else remembers these baby dolls and became as attached to them as I did. Of course, I grew out of my doll phase, but luckily my mom hung on to the dolls for me. They are definately loved on, and I would never think about selling them. 'Course, some people are making good money on theirs to doll collectors, but that's for the ones that are in mint condition and have never been removed from the box. I would love to have one or 2 more of these dolls (different than what I already have) to keep and give to a daughter I will hopefully have some time.

Here are the ones I have:

#14 So Cute Carmen - rarity ranking 7
#9 So Shy Sherri - rarity ranking 15
#21 So Curious Cara bathtub - rarity ranking 9
#9 So Shy Shelia - rarity ranking 9