Full Day

Tim and I got home last night at 9:30 for me to get some sleep before teaching pre-k today. Too bad I wasn't asleep at 9:30, but I made it through the day and even did a little cleaning and decorating! :)

My day started at 6:15 getting up in time to leave by 7 to go to the pre-school to teach the 4 year olds. Had 3 kids absent, so only 17 today! Which surprisingly made a huge difference which was good since there wasn't a parent helper. School was good, and we went out for a full length recess since it was really nice today. I stayed until about 1:30 getting things ready for Wednesday and Friday centers.

Then I had about 2.5 hours at home which I thought about taking a nap, but was afraid that would make me even more groggy, so instead I cleaned, decorated and ate an early dinner.

I went into Hallmark at 4:30 and had a great time. There was lots to do so we kept busy the whole time, and I got my December schedule and I am working a lot! I love it! I am only working for the holiday so I'm on the schedule for tomorrow night and then December 3rd-22nd for every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and one Tuesday. It'll be a busy month, but I'm really looking forward to not having the chance to veg out on the couch and watch tv. So I'm really not going to have much free time in December. My Saturdays luckily don't start 'til 1 or 2 and only go until 7, so that is nice. Tim and I will still have time for each other. Speaking of which, Tim came and visited me today at work! :) I don't know what their policy is with that, but it was nice to see his face on his way home from wrestling practice. I am so excited that we are working on getting out of debt, so I guess thats why I'm mainly excited about my busy December schedule.

And to top the day off, I just got off work less than an hour ago and it is so super windy and snowy! I was crunching in the snow on the way to my car and I had to dust off the snow from my windows. The roads aren't icy which is very good, but I did have a tiny minor skid in the snow on the way home once. It was nuts to see such a change from a nice sunny time at recess this morning!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tim and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving today. We had his parents up at our house earlier this week for a couple nights, then we did Thanksgiving meal at David and Adrienne's house with everyone. This was the first time that I have been with all of Tim's family minus our wedding 'cause I didn't really have time to be with them with everything going on.

I miss my family, but it is nice to spend time with Tim's family. We will be down in the city with his family through Sunday. So lots more fun to come! I made green bean casserole and bought a pecan pie. My two staples for Thanksgiving. I don't think I've had a Thanksgiving without those. It just wouldn't be the same.

Tomorrow I get to make some yummy crab and artichoke dip that I made for Christmas last year. It's a little spicy with pepper jack cheese in it, but Dan said not to tell anyone so we can see Mark's reaction since mark thinks that everything is spicy...even the mildest salsa. :) We'll see what happens. Hopefully we can remember the camera!

Recess in the Snow

First day teaching pre-K was good. I am so impressed with how well behaved the kids are. I was nervous going into it because there are 20 4 year olds in the class. I get a teachers aid, and then there is suppose to be a parent helper in there every day, which I didn't know about and absolutely love! During centers the kids got my attention to show me the snow falling from the sky. I asked the teachers aid how cold is has to be before they don't go outside for recess and she said "Below zero." That is just nuts! 'Cause if I can remember correctly we didn't go outside for recess while I student taught if it was below 40 I think. I guess the kids up here just have all the clothing to go outside. I know on Friday I'll be wearing my thermal pants. I cut recess short today though 'cause the wind is insane, it just made it miserable. After the kids stopped running around and started noticing the cold I figured it was time to go in.

I think I may have gotten my flu shot a little too late. I'm not feeling well right now and will be skipping out on small groups tonight. I'm bummed, but am so ready to crawl in bed and go to sleep. I know some people say you can get a reaction from the shot, but I've had the flu shot the 2 years before with no reaction. I also didn't get the flu the last 2 years, and had the flu every year of my life before that. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing that I'll get over quickly.

Gotta have a Flu Shot

I got my flu shot today! With being around kids so much with subbing and being in a cold state I figured the flu shot is a must this year. Especially since I'm starting to sub in pre-k tomorrow until the end of December. Yesterday I helped Amanda out at her day care. Her co-teacher wasn't going to be there, so I stepped in and helped. That was what made my final decision and be quick at getting my shot. Also, Tim has been sick the last few days, and I can really tell he is sick 'cause he is actually taking medicine! Usually he is the healthy one of the 2 of us, so that scares me to that he is sick and I am still doing okay, so I definitely wanted to be preventative.

I am trying to have self control and not buy any Christmas decorations. I hit a great after Christmas sale last year, so I want to try to just use that stuff. I already used most of our lights on our tower, and I want some for our other porches, but I will probably just have to make do, unless I take it out of my blow money. We'll see how desperate I get. I could always take some of the lights from the tower and put them elsewhere. Hmmm.

I'm starting to decorate a little at a time 'cause we have a Christmas party for our youth workers on December 4th. I originally thought I could decorate after Thanksgiving Day, but Tim and I will be down in the city with his brothers, and then the next weekend we're back in the city for a youth conference, so now is really my time to do what I want for decorating.

My Girls are so Fun!

Small Groups on Wednesday was a blast. We're trying to keep things mixed up so every week doesn't become boring when we meet. Yesterday we talked about the miracles Jesus performed and the girls had the choice to either act out a miracle or act as news reporters and do the news paper based on a miracle. We had 2 groups of 2 and one group of 3. Turns out they all did the miracle of Jesus casting out the demon Legion and sending it into the herd of pigs. It was neat to see all of their interpretations.

We also gave our girls the choice of how to do the next few Wednesdays before Christmas. We don't have any weeks for us to just meet and hang out together, so the girls decided to do 2 sessions for next week and bump everything up a week and the week before Christmas we'll do our own Christmas party in our room on Wednesday. The girls are so excited to get started planning on who will do what. I told them to wait 'til next week and we'll have them sign up for things so they have a week to think about it.

I didn't get a subbing job yesterday or today. Pretty bummed, and then school is out tomorrow. So I just worked a half day on Tuesday when we got back, I'm glad I took that position! So all day long I sewed and sewed and sewed. I'm having fun, but my back is hurting, and I'm afraid I'm gonna get pretty bored when my projects are done, but they've gotta be done before the holidays. I set everything up in front of the TV since Tim was at work I didn't want to sit in silence in our room by the garage. I'm trying to get everything done pretty quickly so I can clean up the living room.

Saint Louis

Tim and I have a day and a half more of the National Youth Workers Convention. I will post about it when I get home. We haven't had a lot of internet time, so I try to jump on when I can. If you want to keep up with what we're doing you can go to Tim's blog.

Yesterday was a great day though. God completely blessed us. There are tons of drawings to win free stuff, and I won 3 of them yesterday which is so completely amazing. 2 of them were back to back where the big crowd just went from booth to booth, lets just say people weren't too happy that I one twice in a row. :) But I sure enjoyed it!