Never Thought This Would Happen

I was sick last weekend and got over that. Then I got really bad congestion to where I couldn't even sleep at night I was coughing so much. The first night is when I used the Mucinex. Then the second night I tried it again and it didn't do anything so ended up having to suck on a cough drop while I sleep. That worked, but it also makes me cautious while I sleep 'cause I didn't want to choke on it. I also am using our huge decorative pillow for our bed to prop myself up, so I've slept almost sitting up for the past 3 nights.

I guess I've been coughing too much or too hard 'cause yesterday while teaching pre-k my voice started cracking. And we were practicing our Christmas songs for our Christmas program tomorrow, and I sung about every other word 'cause my voice was cracking so much. Luckily we have one of the kid's grandmas in there doing the music part.

As the day went along my voice cracked more and more and I thought I sounded pretty funny so I didn't bother resting my voice or anything. We had our Christmas party for my 8th grade girl's small group, so of course there was a lot of talking then too!

When Tim and I got home we played with his Christmas gift from all of the youth workers. Guitar Hero III, what fun!!! And stayed up way too late (almost 2) playing it. My voice was almost to a whisper by that time.

And now waking up this morning I am totally at a whisper, there is nothing there. I am suppose to work at Hallmark tonight, and I'm a little confused as to how I can do that. I guess I wont be working the register. There are 3 people there 'til almost closing, so that should work. As long as not too many people ask me to help them find something.

I still need to do a little more Christmas shopping, and I need to get something from Hallmark, so I'll probably go in this morning while the manager is there and see what she says about me working. I hope they let me still work 'cause that would be a real bummer if I can't 'cause of my voice. We'll see.

Woohoo! A Good Day!

I made it through a whole day of work and I'm okay! :)
I was pretty tired after teaching pre-k, but I rested (meant to take a nap) by trying to get our Christmas cards out...hopefully they'll be in the mail tomorrow, otherwise I'll be sad if they don't get to people before Christmas. I also did pretty good at Hallmark. I got into a coughing spell so I took a Mucinex, it seems to work and says it's 12 hours, so hopefully tonight I'll get a good night's sleep unlike last night with a lot of coughing until 3:43 when I remembered about Mucinex.

So Pre-K was good. Friday I called in sick, but they did have class, the teacher's assistant took over for the day. Bless her heart, on top of cooking for the day care she works so hard with the pre-k class too! She is an amazing woman, I should probably get her a thank you card from Hallmark. Going to school today I didn't know what we would do 'cause I didn't have the lesson plans for this week 'cause I get those ready on Fridays, and I wasn't sure if the Assistant did the art project that I had planned for Friday or not. I was good either way 'cause I would've done it today and had something for the kids to do, but I'm glad she did it Friday so she wasn't high and dry. I had talked to her about it Wednesday and she knows where I put the stuff for my class. She really is such a sweet lady! So today I winged it. We cut circles that we will need for our art project on Wednesday, that we were suppose to do today, but no problem. And the kids had Christmas coloring sheets and practiced writing their name on dry erase boards. It's a life saver having the main part I have to prepare for be centers and they're mainly self discovery. I'll have actual things for them to do on Wednesday.

Hallmark went well too. Pretty much all night I just organized and stocked Webkinz. I haven't even heard of these things until I started work here, but apparently they're a pretty hot item. Just as hot as Ty Beanies were when I worked at Hallmark in high school. The mall is open until 10 this week before Christmas, so that is late and I was done and ready for bed at 9, but then now here I am at 10:45 blogging. So much for coming home and going straight for bed. I was hungry since I ate dinner at 4:30, so I got a bowl of Ohs and decided to check mail and then I wanted to blog! :)

Alright, I am super tired now, goodnight!

Being Sick is No Fun!

Well, my business caught up to me. I was afraid it would happen, and it did. I had to call in sick to work yesterday and today. I really hope I'm all better tomorrow.

At first it just started with a sharp pain from my right should blade on my back all the way to my chest in the front, a really weird pain that made it hard for me to breathe. Tim researched online of what it could be, and it just said stress related...which makes since. The youth are having a ski trip and there was an adult in the church asking Tim if someone paid his way to go on the trip if he would...and of course he would, that would just mean 4 days of us being apart from each other, and that totally stresses me out thinking about that. I would hate for him to pass up the opportunity to go on the youth ski trip if someone makes it possible for him to go. So Wednesday night I didn't sleep well 'cause every time I would wake up all I could think of is what I would do without Tim for 4 days, just doesn't sound like fun unless I could fly to Texas, but we don't have the money. I only have about $60 saved up from my blow money.

Then in the morning Tim told me that his brother Dan invited us to go to Duluth on vacation with them, but we're in debt and getting out of it, so we don't have money to do that either, so that stressed me out that we're missing out on all the fun they will have together. Our reason for moving up here was to be a part of things like that and get to hang out with his brothers more, but right now that's not possible. Big let down! So then the stress really set in. I told Tim it'd be so much easier if I wasn't so eager for us to get to spend time with his brothers. They see each other all the time going to the same church and only being about 20 minutes from each other. We see them more than if we were in a different state, it just feels like we don't do a lot with them since they're always together.

Thursday I didn't get a subbing job, which was probably good 'cause that's when my sharp pain started. I worked at Hallmark in the evening, but then I started feeling light headed and my throat started hurting. I finished up the evening, but by morning I was feeling completely weak and sore all over. So I called in sick for work at the Preschool and Hallmark. And that makes me feel worst 'cause I hate letting people down. I called into Hallmark sick again today, which I hate even more - 2 days in a row! But I know if I went in I would probably get even more sick 'cause I don't have the strength. So tomorrow I am really praying that I am better 'cause I hate being sick, I want to be healthy again!

Work Work Work

For those of you who might not know, I am working 3 jobs this month. Yup, 3! I never even thought that I would be working 2 jobs at once ever. I am subbing in pre-k for a teacher on maternity leave. That job is Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings, then I am also subbing in the school district when a position comes open. Thursday I taught 1st grade for the afternoon. Wonderful class! And I am also working at Hallmark in the evenings. And Thursday I got my first paycheck from there! Woohoo!

I talked to a friend Thursday night who works in the afternoons for the school district and was needing someone to sub for her on Monday. But that fell through, when she went to school Friday they said she didn't need to get anyone. I told her I would though. I'm a little bummed I'm not teaching for her, but it's probably better for my sake. I would have taught pre-k in the morning, eat lunch on the road, go work with kindergarteners for the afternoon, take a short break at home to eat dinner, and head on out to Hallmark for the evening. That would have been a full plate, but I was up to the challenge. Starting on Monday though, I go into Hallmark at 5 instead of 4:30. So that will be helpful.

Today I am going in early to cover part of someone's shift, so instead of working from 2-7 I am working 12-7. It'll be fun. I woke up this morning around 8:30, ate a quick breakfast, then got to work shoveling the snow on our wrap around porches. Now I need to leave in a few minutes to go into work.

All my strength and health this month has to come from God. Everything I am doing I can not do on my own. I am excited to see what God does and how he takes care of me.

Stuck in the Snow

We have received a lot of snow lately. I'm hoping it will all stay around for when my family comes to visit. I'm really looking forward to playing in the snow with Katelin and taking everyone to the ski slopes near by.

I have officially been stuck in the snow now! Luckily it happened at the beginning of our drive way so home was only a walk away. I stopped to check the mail and when I turned to go into our driveway there was a big pile of snow that I couldn't get through. I tried rocking the car back and forth, but couldn't get it. So I called Tim, then walked home and he came to get it out. I figured since I wasn't doing anything else until my car was unstuck, it'd be a great time to get some snow pictures too.

We got some more snow last night also. The city plows cleared our long driveway, and this morning it is covered again.

Weekly Update

I am so tired. This have been busy lately and will only get busier until Christmas. Then time to relax! We are also covered in snow right now! I'm not sure how much actually is on the ground, I haven't had time to just go have fun yet. I hope soon though. We're supposed to get 2-5 more inches of snow tomorrow. It's gonna be really deep after that! I am starting to feel a little more comfortable driving on the roads. It's much easier to drive right now than in the spring when the roads get icy.

So what has been going on...Tim had the stomach flu. I stayed away sleeping in our living room and didn't catch it! Woohoo! Tim lost at least 20lbs with it. Not fun! Same day he got sick I had a terrible class that I substitute taught. I am thinking about not subbing in that school anymore, we'll see. There is one class that I know I could handle, but for the most part the kids are rough. So I was completely stressed and upset about my day and came home to find Tim sick in bed, so I was hoping to get sympathy until I saw him, and I gave sympathy instead.

Friday night and Saturday we were suppose to be in the city for Planet Wisdom with the kids. We still went Friday, but because of the snow on Saturday we came home that night too, at 2:30am. It was fun, just a bummer to leave early. We had such a great group of youth go, I wish we had more time together.

Tim's xbox also came this weekend, so we spent a lot of time playing on Saturday. Then forced ourselves to take a break and clean the house. Tomorrow we have the youth worker's Christmas party at our house. We still have a few things to do to be ready for it, but either way we'll have it! :)

I haven't been out to take pictures of the snow, hopefully tomorrow I can do that. I wish I had my camera at pre-school today. We went outside for recess to let the kids play in the snow, and at one point 4 of my girls were sitting in a row with a big chunk of snow eating. I had to make one girl go in that was shaking a LOT because she was so cold, but she didn't make the decision for herself 'cause she was enjoying the snow so much.

Hopefully I'll get better at blogging more often. I miss it, I have just been busy.

Oh! Tonight working at Hallmark was fun. Our senior pastor's wife was in there shopping so we got to talk for a little bit, and then she came back and her son who is in the youth group came too. It's so much fun to see people in there!