Woohoo! A Good Day!

I made it through a whole day of work and I'm okay! :)
I was pretty tired after teaching pre-k, but I rested (meant to take a nap) by trying to get our Christmas cards out...hopefully they'll be in the mail tomorrow, otherwise I'll be sad if they don't get to people before Christmas. I also did pretty good at Hallmark. I got into a coughing spell so I took a Mucinex, it seems to work and says it's 12 hours, so hopefully tonight I'll get a good night's sleep unlike last night with a lot of coughing until 3:43 when I remembered about Mucinex.

So Pre-K was good. Friday I called in sick, but they did have class, the teacher's assistant took over for the day. Bless her heart, on top of cooking for the day care she works so hard with the pre-k class too! She is an amazing woman, I should probably get her a thank you card from Hallmark. Going to school today I didn't know what we would do 'cause I didn't have the lesson plans for this week 'cause I get those ready on Fridays, and I wasn't sure if the Assistant did the art project that I had planned for Friday or not. I was good either way 'cause I would've done it today and had something for the kids to do, but I'm glad she did it Friday so she wasn't high and dry. I had talked to her about it Wednesday and she knows where I put the stuff for my class. She really is such a sweet lady! So today I winged it. We cut circles that we will need for our art project on Wednesday, that we were suppose to do today, but no problem. And the kids had Christmas coloring sheets and practiced writing their name on dry erase boards. It's a life saver having the main part I have to prepare for be centers and they're mainly self discovery. I'll have actual things for them to do on Wednesday.

Hallmark went well too. Pretty much all night I just organized and stocked Webkinz. I haven't even heard of these things until I started work here, but apparently they're a pretty hot item. Just as hot as Ty Beanies were when I worked at Hallmark in high school. The mall is open until 10 this week before Christmas, so that is late and I was done and ready for bed at 9, but then now here I am at 10:45 blogging. So much for coming home and going straight for bed. I was hungry since I ate dinner at 4:30, so I got a bowl of Ohs and decided to check mail and then I wanted to blog! :)

Alright, I am super tired now, goodnight!