See Your Chiropractor

Every week for the last 2 months my prayer request at confirmation was that I would get better. Last week my co-teacher suggested that I go see a chiropractor, that they usually have the best way to get over sinuses. One of our boy's small group leaders is a chiropractor so I found him before leaving last week and asked him about what to do for sinuses, so he suggested a natural herb that will boost my immune system. Tim has been going to the chiropractor the last couple of weeks for his back, so I had him buy what I needed when he went in for his appointment.

I have been taking this stuff for a week now and feel so much better. It feels like I've been better for 2 weeks now, I was trying to figure out how long I need to continue taking acidophilus. I was surprised the remember it's only been one week. I think the last time I felt this healthy was before Thanksgiving. I've also been working out regularly for 2 months now which is helping a lot.

My chiropractor's orders are to take acidophilus for 3 weeks, and to stop taking any other kind of medication. So that's what I'm doing. Last night before going to sleep I started getting a headache and would normally go for the Tylenol right away, but made my self just sleep, 'cause that is really what my body needed instead.


  1. Good job! Glad you did that instead of cramming 6 different medications into your system. :)