A Day Full of Fun

Tara running into home; Megan as catcher; Hannah who made all 3 outs in one inning!

(Left: Tim visiting with Hannah's family; Right: Julia, Brittany, Crosbee and me)

Yesterday was so great! From 8am-4:00pm I subbed at the district pre-school. The teachers were having periodic meetings, so I subbed for about 5 different people during that time going from classroom to classroom. That was pretty enjoyable keeping super busy and getting to work with lots of different kids.

Then at 4:30 Tim and I went to watch the 8th grade girls softball games. 5 out of the 7 girls in my small group play softball and we got to see all of them yesterday plus 2 more girls in our youth group. The weather wasn't the greatest for the game. We sat through a pretty good rainfall in the beginning of the 2nd game, but this was the only game we've been able to make, so we stayed.

Then at 6:45 I went with Amanda to a house party hermother-in-law was throwing for Norwex cleaning supplies. That was a lot of fun too. We got to meet new people, and look through the catalog of supplies. I felt really guilty 'cause I don't clean as often as they were talking about. I would like to try their stuff out, but I gotta get Tim on board to let me put it in our budget. He's mainly skeptical about it. Their clothes of silver in them, so they say that kills bacteria with the silver. If you want to check out their stuff go to the Norwex website.

I was out of the house from 8am-10:15pm with about 30 minutes before the softball game to make myself a sack dinner. I absolutely loved being out and around people all day long!