What a Group of Girls!

I continue to be amazed by my group of 8th grade girls I work with at youth group/confirmation. Last week I wasn't feeling well and not up to leading the group, so I asked, "Who wants to lead tonight?" And Brittany volunteered without a question. She did an awesome job keeping us on track leading the discussion and the girls were very respectful of her leading. At the end of the class I asked if anyone wanted to lead for this week and I immediately had 2 volunteers. So Tara lead yesterday and did an amazing job. And next week Crosbee is going to lead. I am very impressed with the girls volunteering to lead the group, and it is working out really well. We were having to break up into smaller groups with so many girls to keep the chatting down, but it is working really well with the girls leading. They all really get into the discussion and ask great questions and help each other out. I am so blessed to get to work with this group of girls. I am also blessed to have 2 great co-teachers with me. God put us all together for a purpose.