Dog Days

I only worked three days this week, but I am still tired. Monday David and Adrienne came up and visited for a little bit so we got to see Noah and hear his adorable laugh. They are down in Texas for a wedding so Tim and I are dog sitting for them. Tuesday I was home all day with the dogs, and then subbed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Subbing was fun, I had the same 6th grade class all three days. I prefer being in a classroom for a series of days. Friday I also subbed for an after-school program, so I worked from 7:40-5:50. That made for a really long day. We're also not used to taking care of two other beings beside ourselves, so that has been tiring. It was a good run for us to figure out if we ever want a dog or not. We never talked about wanting a dog before, but I think we can say we agree that it is not for us.