An Early Morning

It's a little after 6 and I am up for work. I can't wait until I move departments at this company. Right now my job has such random hours even though when I was hired I was told it was for 8-5, which this morning will start a little before 7 and will be over before lunch. And I only got off by 5 my first week of work because I made plans assuming I would be done by five. If I had something going on in the evening I would leave at 6, which is earlier than everyone, and if I didn't have anything going on in the evening, or wasn't just tired of work then I would leave by 8:30.

I was amazed when my alarm went off this morning. I was a little out of it trying to figure why someone was calling me, but realized it was my alarm. And I couldn't see anything in our room 'cause the sun hadn't even thought about coming up. Right now there is barely light outside. These long nights and short days during the winter might take some getting use to. In the summer the sun would have already been up.

And it's a chilly 40 degrees outside right now. I'm glad it's a Friday 'cause I'm wearing a big comfy sweatshirt.

I talked to my parents and Katelin yesterday. I love talking to my family. And they made the decision to come up and visit Tim and I for Christmas! I am so excited and can't wait! For about a month now our church has been advertising for a Christmas musical every week, so I am already eager to decorate with all of our Christmas things. We didn't have many things to decorate with last year being our first Christmas married. But I hit up all the after Christmas sales and have quite a few decorations for this year. What fun!

Alright, time to head out the door.