Here's Whats Going On

Tim and I at the Twins/Rangers game in Minneapolis.

I have been deciding what to do career wise. I want to be flexible with my days so I can support Tim in youth ministry. So I was stuck between finding a permanent job or do substitute teaching and find a part time job for the evenings.

Well, today I had an interview for a different department at the company I am hired out to right now. The position is for an administrative assistant. So it's actually an office job which I'm excited about! Leaving the interview I was thinking it went well, but wasn't too sure trying to guess the vibes I was getting by the people in the interview. I admit, I was pretty intimidated because I was interviewed by 4 people at once for a 3 month temporary position. I haven't gone through an extensive interview before for any temp work. It didn't take long to hear back from the temp agency about the verdict if they wanted me or not...they decided to hire me. Now it's just a matter of time of when I switch over from my current position to the new position. I figured I might as well try this out because it is definite work every day for the next 3 months, and it could possibly turn into something permanent, but I get to try it out by going through the temp agency first.

I am exhausted. I have been trying to teach myself how to keep our house clean...mainly the kitchen. I need to catch up on laundry, it's all clean, just not put away. Anyways, I am trying to train myself to have the kitchen clean before I go to sleep and tonight is the 2nd night in a row. I had the day off today so I cooked a lot. I cooked an apple crisp from the apple trees we have and baked a simple lunch for us, but the downside of liking to cook is all the cleaning I have to do.

Tomorrow we start up confirmation at our church. I am really excited 'cause I'll be co-teaching one of the 8th grade girls classes. We've got 6 girls so far, and I can't wait to build strong relationships and teach these girls about Christ and the basics of the Bible, and to learn a lot myself.

I am absolutely loving married life. Tim and I have been getting along really well. We are just having fun together, and it's nice getting to participate in his ministry, and everything is very exciting with the school year starting up. I am helping Tim in the 7th and 8th grade Sunday School class, and will help out Sunday evenings for youth group, and then Wednesday nights for 8th grade girls confirmation.

Tonight it is suppose to get down to 35 and tomorrow's high is 64. Burr! It's only September! I am not ready for cold weather. I was wanting to work out today, so I tried to go on a bike ride, but after only 5 minutes I was tired of the wind and my hands were getting very cold, so I turned around to come home and to my surprise I was already riding with the wind and I was miserable, so then it took me even longer to get back home fighting against the wind and thinking that the first part of my bike ride was pretty nice. So I got out my work out videos and am thinking I'll have to stick with those 'til next June.