African Children's Choir

Wednesday night the African Children's Choir did a concert at our church. It was amazing! The kids were adorable and have amazing voices and are talented with all the energy they put into their dancing. Some of the pictures are blurry, but that's the effect with how much they moved!

I was lucky enough to snag a front row seat for me and one of the girls in my small group, and boy did I feel guilty! The church was packed. There were seats set up outside of the sanctuary (luckily there are glass doors into it so we can do that), and there were people sitting in our prayer room watching through those windows, and people up in our balcony, which isn't much of a balcony (Tim was up there to take pictures and some of the youth decided to join him). Also the floor was lined with kids watching the concert. So that would be why I felt guilty taking the front row, but I got to sit next to 4 of our youth for the concert. Oh it was so much fun ! I don't think I stopped smiling the whole night.

Before the concert Tim and I served the kids dinner with a couple other people in the church. These children are so well mannered and sweet. I wish I could have a classroom of those kids to teach!

Tonight we had dinner at a friend's house who is hosting 3 of the boys in the choir. So we got to go over and eat with them, then go feed the horses and played basketball and volleyball. The boys are so cute and sweet! They all love to get hugs, so I got 3 big hugs before leaving tonight.

If you don't know anything about the African Children's Choir please visit their website and find out what they are all about. The gist of it is, the ministry holds additions in Africa for the kids, and if the kid is chosen they go through a 5 month camp practicing the songs and learning about Christ. Then they come to the states to tour and get a good education by their chaperons. Then after their tour is over they go back to Africa and attend a school that all the kids in the choir are funded to go to up through college.

The children we saw at our church have only been in the states for about a month so far. They are going further North than us tomorrow, and hopefully the snow is still there. They are all so excited to see snow! So far their biggest venue has been in Philadelphia performing at the Liberty Medal ceremony honoring Bono from U2. There are 2 other African Children's Choirs touring at the same time right now, one of which performed at the American Idol "Idol Gives Back & Season Finale."