What a Fall!

We had some nice warm weather both weekends Tim's brothers came to visit. And now it is so cold! So I figured I'd post some pictures of the warm Fall days we had.

This picture was taken from out tower of across the lake from our house. It was so gorgeous to look out every morning and see this with the calm water. More trees are still turning now. All the trees that were gorgeous at first lost their leaves really fast, but others are finally turning. I am amazed as I drive around how pretty it is. I feel so blessed by God to see such color every day!

This was my favorite tree during the Fall. It was actually much prettier, but I didn't get the camera out in it's full glory. Now it only has a leaves on the bottom branches.

Here is another morning shot from our tower. I thought the moon and the clouds with the close up Fall leaves was so pretty that morning.

When David, Adrienne and Noah came to visit we bought a pumpkin when we went to take Noah's first pumpkin pictures. We wanted the biggest pumpkin we could find, and Tim soon found that the three inch wall was too hard to cut, so the boys brought out the drill!

Out cute pumpkin! It didn't last long because of the storm we had that week, it now resides in our tree line.