Over Half Way

I have subbed 4 weeks, and have 3 left. I am getting really worn out. I had to leave early Thursday and take Friday off this past week because I have been worn so thin. The academic part is good, I'm struggling with being the one the students come to when they let a rumor or whatever drama is going on to explode and then they tell me about it. I need to learn how to not take anything personal. I care for the students, but I am empathizing too much with them. I need to take their problems and hand it back to them, to teach them how to handle their problems. Pray that God will give me the strength to finish up this position. And pray that I will sleep extremely well every night so I get all the rest I can.

My mind has been so wrapped around this classroom that I haven't had much time to think of the girls in my small group, which I hate. I love seeing these girls every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, but they deserve more of my attention than just then.

God blessed me with a great break this weekend. Last night Tim and I went down to the city to watch Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I won a free viewing of it for our youth group, but the movie isn't lined up to come to our town, so Tim and I previewed it before deciding to promote it and bring it to town. Tim blogged about it, and we figured since it originally wouldn't be coming to town, it's worth taking advantage of my winning and bring it here.

We spent the night at Dan and Maggie's and hung out there all day. David and Adrienne were out doing a half marathon, so we got to play with not only Ruby and Titus, but Noah also. Maggie and I got to go to David's Bridal to search for a dress for her for Glory's wedding. That was pretty fun, then we had dinner when we got back, with David and Adrienne there.