Snow Storm?

School was canceled today from all the hype about the snow storm that hit. We got maybe half of the snow we were expecting. I enjoyed a day off anyways though. How I miss sleeping in half of the week.

Tim and I just relaxed around the house. It was super windy all day, so we didn't go play outside. Instead we stayed in and played cards, xbox, and Tim did the dishes! I have been wanting to try to make a snow cone using real snow, so I made a small one, but my syrup seemed kind of old from last summer. Instead I had fun writing in the snow.

Exciting news lately that I'll blog probably tomorrow on. Isabelle Mae was born Wednesday. She is such a beautiful baby. And I just got word that our friend Amanda just went into labor. So tomorrow we will hopefully get to go visit and see Russell for the first time. I'll post pictures of that later. What a great week!