Parent's Dinner with the Youth Pastor

Tim has set up 2 nights this summer for parents to come over for dinner and get to know Tim, myself, and other parents. Tonight was our first one, and it was great! We had 8 people show up, with us made 10. Everyone brought part of the dinner, and we sat around sharing about how to better serve the youth, helping them in their spiritual walk. I really don't like to talk in large groups, and with 10 of us it was a little hard, but I kept feeling God pushing me to share a couple things, so I did. I had seen and knew who each parent was, but it was nice to have time to talk with them and get to know them better. We've been here for 18 months, and we still have a lot of people to get to know.

So, my last blog was about healthy stuff, and I've been doing pretty good, until today. Kelsey (the Mom and friend I am baby sitting for) bought some M&M ice cream treats for Tim and I. Tim wont eat them 'cause they're colored, so there's a whole box for me. Yikes! Luckily we have lots of college students (about 50 I'm hearing...) coming over, so I'm sure I can get someone to eat them. But, I also made the cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster, and we have a lot left over to give away tomorrow. I ate 1 and half of another, went back for seconds on the lasagna, and ate until I was really full. I'm glad our Pastor was here to ask me if I had gone jogging today 'cause I hardly thought of it today, and pretty much figured it was too late to jog. But once everyone was gone, and it was a little after 9 with a tiny bit of light left, I headed out.

I am so grateful for that accountability. For some reason when I put my ipod on and started stretching I got quite a bit of energy. I think I probably did my first mile in about 10 minutes, but I didn't want myself to slack off after that so I forced myself not to look at my watch. It was so tempting the whole time to look 'cause I kept up my pace during my second mile and even sped up going up the hills. On my 3rd mile I slowed down a little, but still kept faster than my usual. When I finished I was so proud 'cause I did the 3.08 miles in 33:58!

I usually average around 36 minutes and however many seconds. This was a major improvement. Especially while still digesting food. I kept on thanking God the whole time for giving me the energy to keep up my pace. Especially when I got inside the house and there was no more sun light. Hopefully I wont be to burned out tomorrow so I can do another 3 miles jog. Hopefully at the same pace, but I'm not counting on it! :)


  1. That's because you're my Speedy Gonzales wife, remember? :-)