We're Still on Vacation

I haven't posted in a while, and would like to wait until we get home, but I don't want any more time between my posts. This vacation has been pretty interesting, with lots of ups and a few downs, but definitely worth doing. Here's our schedule of what we've done.

I apologize now for a long post. Hopefully you can skim it if anything.

Friday, 18th
Flew to DFW, sat around the airport for an hour before picking up our rental car; Visited PSI where I use to work. Oh my goodness it was so wonderful to see everyone. God really blessed me with such a wonderful place to work. I miss those people so much! Then we ate lunch with Edna Jane, a lady who Tim use to help with her computer. We went to Fry's Electronics, ate dinner with Katie, Laura, and her boyfriend (friends from Tim's childhood), then spent the night hanging out at the Minters.

Saturday, 19th
Woke up early to a wonderful breakfast at the Minters. It was so good to hang out with Debra and her family again! We drove up to Oklahoma City, returned our rental car, and hung out at grandma and grandpa Wayman's house with cousins. Then spent the night at a hotel.

Sunday, 20th
Tim and I went to Sunday School at G'ma and G'pas church in their young adults class. Then we went to service with all of our family and cousins. We visited my Great Uncle Claxton in the nursing home, and later that evening found out he passed away. Went back to the hotel early to rest up.

Monday, 21st
Drove up to Roman Nose, OK with my parents and sister. My Dad use to vacation there when he was a kid. We drove around the resort, took pictures, and ate a wonderful dinner. I got a chicken friend steak and fried okra, one of my favorite southern meals! Then after our super heavy dinner we went for a walk on their hiking trail, ending up spending one and a half hours out there. Lots of fun!

Tuesday, 22nd
Mine and Tim's 2 year anniversary! We woke up early and headed out to the farm. Dad bought some land in the family and is building a barn our where I grew up fishing with my Grandpa. Tim kept on saying how nice it'll be to take our grandkids out there on vacation. I'm excited to be able to keep on going out to the farm. We have lots of great memories out there. For lunch Tim got to experience how much the Waymans (my maiden name) stay in touch. We ate at the Wayman cafe and figured out how we were related to the people there. It was a new and funny experience for Tim being in a small country cafe where the whole restaurant talks to each other. Oh! And we all got to take turns driving my Dad's tractor. We also went out to see the Oklahoma Salt Plains in Jet, OK. Dad had to give Tim the tour of everything we grew up with. We also went to the dam out there and watched the fish try to swim up it. Pretty funny to watch, and huge fish out there! This was a long country day for our anniversary. I loved it! Wanna guess what the high was for the day? 108! Ouch!

Wednesday, 23rd
Horse back riding! The resort had stables where we could rent some horses to go on a trail ride. The horses are so use to the trail that we didn't need a leader with us! It was pretty fun from stubborn horses, to jumping horses (Mom's horse) to being lead through branches. Right after we all cleaned up, packed up, and headed back to the city. We had to go shopping for clothes for Uncle Claxton's funeral. We weren't planning on needing anything when we left for vacation. Katelin and Mom introduced me to a new fun clothing store called Vanity. Not a great name, but they have cute clothes for a good price.

Thursday, 24th
We got up early to drive up to Still Water for Great Uncle Claxton's funeral. It was nice to see so much family that we weren't planning on, it was just too bad it had to be under these circumstances.

Friday, 25th
I woke up at 6:30! I was wanted to go jogging and decided I'd just go when I got up, but I didn't count on waking up this early! I tried to do a 3 mile jog and ended up almost doing 4 on accident. It was rough though being so hot outside. I ended up walking about half of it. The rest of the day was spent in the car heading down to my parent's house in Texas. And to top the day off we at BBQ! Mmmmm I loved my bbq ribs!

Saturday, 26th
I woke up early again this morning, this time at 6am when I was planning on waking at 7. I'm glad I got up earlier though to beat the sun up. I did a quick 2 mile jog before I got too hot. This Texas weather is nice to be warm, but you can't stay in it too long. Mom, Katelin and I went to the mall to shop some. We went to many stores and only Katelin came away with one shirt. God was watching my budget! Then Tim's old roommate Tim and his wife Carrie came up to hang out. We went to the church and played ping-pong, frisbee, and the wii. Then we had a great steak dinner cooked by my parents. Now I'm writing this while Tim is at the movies with 2 of the guys on my Dad's church staff watching the new Batman movie.


  1. Dana, thank you for your prayers. Also I'm sorry about the loss of your great Uncle. But God allowed you to get to see him before taking him home. It's almost like He was waiting for your visit:)
    God bless you...