C-Groups was very good tonight. All day I was thinking about the topic for tonight and getting things prepared, and my heart was very heavy. Come to find out I am very passionate about girls dressing modestly. Not only does an immodest girl cause a guy to have impure thoughts, but it can cause girls to have envious and jealous thoughts. I have seen a lot of the girls in our youth groups pictures, and know how they dress outside of church, so I was very nervous about talking about the topic with the girls. We haven't been here very long, and modesty with the ways girls dress can be a touchy subject. I prayed and prayed for tonight, and I called my sister up. It was great getting to call Katelin for advice. I loved it!

While thinking about the topic and playing the lesson in my head of how I thought it could go I started thinking, "we could have a whole conversation on modesty and no one learn anything because everyone can have their own opinion on what 'modesty' means to themselves." So we started the night off in prayer that God would keep everyones hearts open and have the conversation not get too touchy. And then we had the girls cut out magazine pictures of outfits they thought were modest and immodest. That way they could get a visual in their head about what we're talking about, and it was them showing us what they think.

Since Prom and Summer are coming up we talked about formal dresses and swimsuits. That's where things got touchy and girls were silent for a while. After reading more on inner beauty we paused to get the girls to open up with what they were thinking and ask questions or have any disagreements. And it was good. The girls really were rethinking the way girls (and some of them) dress. And what kind of swimsuits are appropriate and which ones are not. And they came up with an idea of how they can put modesty into action not only in their lives, but to encourage their peers.

For the most part tonight was the girls finding out how visual guys are, and how they work. And that we need to take responsibility over the things we can change. We don't want to be the cause of any guy stumbling. We're going to get deeper into things next week. God totally had control over tonight. Pray for the girls, 'cause I think most of them left still thinking about what we talked about. Pray that they will seek after God in all they do and stand up for themselves and others. Dressing modestly not only shows respect of one's self, but the respect that person has of others.


  1. One of the sexiest things about my wife is that she's dresses modestly, showing that she respects her body and that she respects me, as her husband, by saving it only me.

    I love you!

  2. Dana,

    Thank you for your visit to Preacherpages. I have several more posts on modesty that I hope will be beneficial to you.