Birthday and Games

Thursdays are Tim's days off, so we went down to the city to celebrate David's birthday. We spent the day with David, Adrienne, Maggie, and Ruby in the Mall of America. That was Tim's first time to go to the Mall of America, and there is a Mac store in there, so going was of interest to him. After the mall, we ate dinner at Olive Garden. I haven't eaten there in a long time. Their salad and breadsticks are my favorite thing to eat there. So I just got soup with it and enjoyed a nice meal.

I am finding it hard to find places up here with good sweet tea. So when we asked the waitress if they had sweet tea, she was slow to answer, but gave us extra sweet tea that I had to add some water to. Speaking of things hard to find up here....Tim and I went out to eat last week with one of the gift certificates we got from our welcoming party, and decided to try some just made me miss bbq even more. I compared them to brisket...but then even took that back. Ribs are my favorite bbq to eat, and I was dissapointed. Oh well. That gives me even more things to look forward to when going home. :) I have enjoyed my hamburgers up here though. Tim and I cook turkey bugers at home, so when we get a restaurant burger they are good! We went out with a couple on Monday night who took us to a good place for burgers.

Anyways...back to Thursday! :) After Olive Garden we went back to David and Adrienne's and ate some wonderful home-made ice cream cake that Adrienne made. It was very very tasty. I'm not sure if that'll be something I'll try to do just yet. Tim will probably just get an ice cream cake from DQ.

Last night was fun. Tim and I went to Pastor Rol and Joyces for dinner and games. Dinner and dessert was wonderful. This morning when I woke up I was craving dinner again! And then they introduced us to Mexican Train. I've played Chicken Foot before, so I think I caught on pretty quickly. It was a fun game...even though I did stay in last place the whole game. Tim hasn't ever played any type of domino game and stayed in 1st place! Good job babe! I love it when the 4 of us get together to play games 'cause we're all pretty competitive which leads to an interesting and funny evening! So thank you Pastor Rol and Joyce for such a fun night!


  1. Thank you Dana for such a nice post. You're welcome to come on Sunday at 4:00 for my style of BBQ if you'd like to. After we eat, we'll be going over to church for the concert.

    Hugs from Rol, Joyce and especially little Buster

  2. I always enjoy your blogs, Dana. You keep us informed about all the little stuff the Schmoyers are doing there, and that little stuff is very interesting and important to us. I guess you've adjusted to the cold pretty well so far. Summer should be great! We're anxious to see all of you and your homes next month!
    Love, Dad