What a fun Evening!

Today Tim and I went and bought our first vacuum. After going to a couple different stores and doing some research we decided on the Hoover Savvy. So far I really like it. While dinner (which was amazing) was cooking I vacuumed up our living room before we had some visitors. The Savvy has a dirty and clean light to let you know when the floor is clean. I guess there is some type of sensor that lets you know when it's still picking up dirt. So I stared at the red light and was so happy when it turned green. It took a little while to vacuum our living room, I'm thinking because it hasn't been vacuumed in over a month. Yikes! And when you look in the canister of how much dust and dirt were picked up, it's frightening. I'll probably vacuum the rest of the house tomorrow.

So dinner was great. (Thanks for Betty Crocker.)A few weeks ago before going grocery shopping I picked out a few different recipes that I wanted to try. And tonight was Meat Loaf and Au Gratin Potatoes. I really like the boxed Au Gratin Potatoes, but since they have coloring in it and Tim wont eat that, we don't buy it. So I was going to try to make mashed potatoes for the first time, but then saw the recipe for these and remembered my longing to eat them. We've got quite a bit of left overs with the potatoes 'cause I wanted to use all we had left before they got bad. The Meat Loaf turned out great and so did the potatoes. I was proud of this meal. :)

Then we had some youth come over to help make posters. Brittany, Brenden and Mitch came over before Tim had to leave to go to a meeting at the church tonight. And then Alison, Megan, Laura and Rachael came over to help also. The youth do an Easter Breakfast each year to help raise money for the mission trip, so they all came over to help make posters to advertise. They'll be hung up for church on Sunday, so I'm guessing I'll probably go into work with Tim tomorrow and help with that.

I had a great night. I wasn't so sure how many youth would be able to come over and help with the posters 'cause it was a last minute thing put together, but I am very pleased with how many came. It was perfect. I really enjoyed having that time to hang out with youth.

Now I am waiting for Tim to come home from his meeting. Trying to decide if I should bake some delicious low-fat brownies or wash up some fresh strawberries. Maybe both?


  1. lol, okay, so I just realized how funny that looks with "What a fun Evening!" and the picture of the vacuum right underneath!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time...and well it's really great...and hey since Easter is also coming up in a while now i'd also lie you to visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!

  3. Yeah, you were really excited about buying that vacuum! Our toys are very different, but we both benefit from them. :)

  4. You can make Au Gratin potatoes without a box.... Wash clean potatoes, slice and place in a buttered dish(you can slice up a yellow onion too and add). Then mix flour, salt,pepper, and add some milk (or half and half) mix together (a little lumpy) pour over potatoes (and chopped onions) (cut slices of butter or spray fat free butter on top if you'd like) place in a 350 degree oven for one hour (or till potatoes are soft). My family never eats boxed Au Gratin anymore. Try it, it's a great way to get ride of those last potatoes ;O) Enjoy.

  5. By the way, if you want an actual recipe I can write it all down for you, I just do it by throwing this in and that in. But I do actually have a recipe for when people ask. :O)
    P.S. We had Glory-Beth in our Sunday School Class last Sunday it was so nice to see her. She said she'd like an open invitation for coming in during the weekends and stay so she could go to the beach.
    She's very excited to come and see you guys soon!!!!


  6. I made the potatoes without the box. I used the recipe from our Betty Crocker cookbook. Thanks though!