What a Great Day!

Dan, Maggie and Ruby came over today. So our house looks really good right now. We cleaned for a while yesterday and this morning before they arrived. And I finally got a haircut! I haven't had one since before the wedding. My hairdresser is a girl in the church who is my age. Very sweet. It was nice to meet her and talk with her. Turns out she has a sister Katelin's age, so that was neat to bond over.

Tim cleaned a lot while I was getting my haircut, and we got everything finished just in time for Dan, Maggie and Ruby to show up. Ruby was sleeping when they arrived so we had time to eat lunch before she woke up. Then we gave a tour of our house and went outside to play.
We got to ride around on the snow mobile and sled down our hills. Ruby was so much fun to watch sled...but man it's a workout carrying her back up!

I've been wanting to make a snow man since we got here...and Tim and Dan so kind enough to do it! :) It was pretty entertaining to watch. Then we used different foods to finish him off and had to take quick pictures before the sun started melting it.

Then we came inside for a snack and played iMAgiNiff. (If you haven't played that game, I highly recommend it.) After a bit we went to the church to show them around as dinner cooked in the oven, then came back for dinner, hung out a little bit, then it was almost time for Ruby to start passing out. She was getting pretty tired.

I had a really good day. I enjoyed getting to know Dan and Maggie some more, and Ruby was just a joy. I'm looking forward to more opportunities to get to know Tim's family better.