First Day for Work, and School is Canceled

Yep, I was suppose to start today as a sub for a para position. But as most of you probably know, Minnesota has been getting a lot of snow. I woke up at 6:30 to give me enough time to get ready for school, then checked the weather and found out school was delayed for 2 hours, then woke up later and saw that it was canceled.
I wasn't too bummed, because Thursdays are Tim's days off, so it was nice to spend the whole day with him. AND...I went skiing for the first time ever! I was so nervous at first, the skis' felt very slippery at first. Tim and I went up the bunny hill and down okay, then they turned on the thing to hold on to get up to the hill, and I couldn't quite juggle my poles like Tim, and dropped them, then ended up falling over while trying to pick them back up and hold on. And then I couldn't figure out how to get up! I was pretty embarrassed.
The ski instructor came over about that time and helped me back into my skis'. Then he told us to forget about the poles, that with starting out it would just make it harder. Once I made it up to the hill without the poles, when he told me to let go, and I fell over once again.
We made it down the hill, then back up and learned how to turn. Then we went down the green hill, and it was great. After my 2 initial falls I did pretty good, no more falls. I was shaky every once in a while, but for the most part just had a wonderful time! Snow skiing is much better than water skiing!