Overall Good Night for American Idol

The internet was down this morning, so that totally threw my day off for me. Instead of getting to sit here on the computer I cleaned! So our kitchen looks nice and our laundry is getting clean. I also made a sign for us to remember to put out our trash tonight. We signed up for trash pick up 3 weeks ago, and have thus far forgotten to put our trash out. So last week and the week before we get a call at 6:30am Thursday morning telling us that we forgot to put it out. So hopefully 3rd times a charm and we'll get it out there tonight for tomorrow morning. Our garage looks like a dump right now with all of our trash bags lining the walls. I think it will take a couple more weeks before we get all of our trash out of here!

Tim fixed our TV! It still restarts every so often, but I was so proud of it to stay on for the whole 2 hours of American Idol last night. Again, I voted for Melinda Doolittle. I could listen to her sing non-stop. I love her voice. And I was very proud of Haley Scarnato. She really stepped up her game last night and did a good job. Hopefully she'll continue in that direction 'cause that was the first performance she did that I enjoyed. So good job Haley. I really hope that Sanjaya Malakar goes home tonight. Everyone has blown him out of the water, and I believe he is still on because a group of people who are trying to just keep drama in American Idol by upsetting everyone who knows he doesn't compare to the other singers. Although, he is getting a lot of publicity with this.

Okay, who else watched American Idol last night? I can not understand the little girl who was just bawling her eyes out during the show! It worked for her though 'cause she got lots of air time and got to meet all of the contestants up on stage in front of everyone at the end of the show. I told Tim after the show, "I bet all the other girls there were thinking, 'why didn't I think of that!'." Lets see tonight if there is someone else bawling to get the attention she got. I just don't get it.