Disappointed with American Idol

Alright. Our makeshift tivo hasn't been the greatest with American Idol this week. I didn't get to see but maybe 4 people sing this week because it kept on restarting, so because of that I didn't vote this week. But man! The votes tonight, and by last weeks performances and the recaps tonight, I am shocked by the results! I thought Nick would have lasted a couple more weeks at least. And I am disappointed that Antonella is still in the running. I have thought she is the least talented out of all of the contestants and I don't like the way she acts when then judges are giving their opinions. Tim wasn't surprised that Alaina was voted off, but I would have rather seen her stay around than Antonella.
I was glad last week that Sanjaya got to stay around one more week. But I really think that he should have gone instead of Nick.
My predictions for next week getting voted off before even hearing them sing are:
Antonella, and Haley or Gina, then Sanjaya and Jared. Unless they can all step it up next week.
Or I think some people just know a lot of people and thats how they're getting the votes. Good for them, but I sure hope one of these people with true talent makes it all the way.
I'll have to go and watch this weeks performances sometime at Amanda and Connors house.
I am very glad that Melinda Doolittle is still in, not that I'm surprised though. I didn't get to see her performance, just the judges talking about it.