Exercising with Animals

I am trying to mix up what I do for exercise so I don't get bored and quit. So today I walked down and up our hill from the house to the lake 14 times in 20 minutes, I'll try to go faster each day I do it. Well, as I was on my way down our lawn guy's dog startled me by jetting pass and jumping into the lake. Then he would walk back up with me. He continued this for the next 3 times I went down and up which made me laugh and forget about how out of breathe I was from going up the hill. When I would do my pilates videos at Mom and Dad's house, their quaker parrot would join in with me on the squats by bobbing it's head. It's funny to watch animals join in on the motions you do.

I start my job tomorrow! I've already made my lunch and am taking my shower tonight. I go in at 8 and will be done at 5. I'm looking forward to having something to do every day. Pray that it wont be too boring though...I'm sure tomorrow wont be since I'll be learning everything, but pray that it wont get too repetitive after that.


  1. I miss you! I'm home all alone on my day off.