We're Home!

Tim and I are finally home. We had a great time at family reunion and are looking forward to the next one! We also spent 4 days in the Dallas area visiting more family and friends. I just did a couple highlight pictures from family reunion, I'll put more pictures up later as I have time. I'll also put pictures of after reunion up later.

Cayden is so cute and always smiling!

We rode around on the go-kart a TON and wore it out!

The Wayman Men (and me and Katelin) out at the farm for a day of guns, fishing and go-kart.

And a great night of fireworks on July 3rd. Happy Birthday Mom!

I had a message from a temp agency in town saying that a company wants to interview me tomorrow. I didn't check the message in time to set anything up, so I'm going to wake up early and give them a call and hopefully get in. Pray that it happens.

*We got a new camera, so the pictures are a lot bigger than before. If you click on the pictures to see the large picture, it may take longer than usual.


  1. Enjoyed you being here. How was the wedding? Over-dressed?. Hope you had a great trip home........

  2. :) We ended up being okay for the wedding. It was pretty small, and I don't think anyone cared how we were dressed. :) We had a great time, glad to be home in our own bed though. :)