Grilling News

Last night I cooked 2 of my favorite foods. It was such a great dinner…random, but very tasty! I grilled corn on the cob and salmon. I have been craving grilled corn on the cob since Saturday. Tim and I went to a fair in the town near by, and I got an ear of corn, and wanted more, but fair food isn’t cheap. So I went to a produce stand in town and cooked 6 ears of corn for Tim and I. I ate 5 of them. He said he only wanted one or two, I did leave him the best ear though. Then the salmon was awesome. I haven’t ever cooked fish before. So I did a lot of research on line on how to grill corn and salmon the best way. I seasoned the salmon with lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper and dill. It was tasty! We still have a little bit of salmon left over, but the corn is gone. I was impressed too that Tim ate salmon. He’s not a big fan of fish, but I asked him before I bought it at the store if he wanted that or something else, and he said he would try it. I’m so proud of him!

At work they have had the radio going which is a nice entertainment while I sit and wait for the machines to get going in the morning. Today was pretty funny, I couldn’t believe my ears.

In Texas a mayor is trying to pass a law that sagging pants is illegal. There is a county in Louisiana that has already passed this law and it is 5 days in prison if you are caught with your underwear showing. Is there nothing else going on that needs more attention than this? Things have got to be going pretty smoothly if the law is worried about people’s pants. I remember this being something the principals would crack down on in high school. I'm surprised to see it become a law.