Gotta love kids

God has totally surrounded me by the love of kids lately. Probably my favorite part of work right now is bus duty, 'cause at the end of each day I get to see pre-school and elementary kids. Last week one pre-school girl decided to sit next to me, lay her head in my lap, and wrap my arm around her holding it tight. It was such a simple thing, but I loved it. Kids just amaze me and the love they can give is beautiful.

This same girl has a brother in 1st grade that about once a week decides to sit by me. I find it kind of funny when the kids choose to sit by me, because that spot is usually where kids sit if they aren't choosing to sit correctly on the bus on their own. Anyways, so this boy didn't ride at all last week, and got on today and I said, "Hey! I haven't seen you in a while, how was your week!?" Without saying anything he just threw himself at me and gave me such a big hug! And a little funny note ... when I was talking with another student I over heard this boy talk to another who was asking him why he was sitting by me, and he said, "I am going to marry her." Oh the sweet innocent days of being a child.

This past weekend I really enjoyed getting to see my niece and nephews too. They are growing up so fast and are just tons of fun to be with. Noah and I had a great time sitting in the back of the car on our rides to Sonic, and Ruby and Ti were just so cuddly Saturday night at their house.

I have taken a little break from the Fruit of the Spirit. Don't worry, I will get back into it, it is just taking me a little time to get through joy. I will though, and soon I will be writing more about the Fruit of the Spirit.


  1. What a cute story about the little boy and girl on the bus! Kids are great:) I'm babysitting right now with my 4 year grand daughter...and I LOVE it! Tim comes back today! Yaaaaa! I bet you will be sooo glad!

  2. Dana, could you please put Sister Taylor on your prayer chain at church? She seems to be going down hill. She believes with all her heart that God healed her..she said maybe that means she is going home to be with Jesus, or perhaps He has more for her to do here. The latter is what she truly believes. I appreciate any and all prayers for her. She is such a dear lady. Did I mention she is a minister too? She got her license a few years back.

  3. I love your blog and I love the fact that you connect the love of children to God so do I.
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