National Youth Workers Convention

NYWC 2005 Nashville, TN - At the end of mine and Tim's 8 month break from dating. We went with a group of youth workers from our church.

NYWC 2007 St. Louis, MO - 2nd convention as a married couple hanging out with some guys from Dare 2 Share.

NYWC 2006 Austin, TX - First convention as a married couple! Our church's funds were low so Marko comped our way to be able to go.

Tim just left to start his way to Sacramento, California for NYWC. This is the first time that I have stayed home from it, and the first time Tim has left for something more than a day. I wont see him again until Tuesday when I wake up, unless I wake up at like 3am when he gets home Tuesday morning.

I'm excited for Tim to get to go as an official blogger for the convention. I'm pretty bummed that I'm not getting to experience this with him, but we sent a male youth worker from our church that I think will benefit more from the training than I would. This will be his first time, and it would've been my 4th.

I also volunteered not to go so I can go to the National Youth Ministry Conference for the first time put on by Simply Youth Ministry. I absolutely loved going to NYWC, but I'd like to try NYMC and see which is better for me to attend in the future.

Also, I found out after the church had already bought Tim's and the youth worker's ticket that I was asked if I would come and be an official blogger. Man! If I had known that ahead of time, or in enough time, I would've been right on that! But again, this will be more beneficial for the youth worker joining him. I just need to stop being selfish.

Although I'll be missing Tim a ton, I am excited to go down and hang out with Tim's sister-in-law and brother and nephews and niece. I'm excited to spend more time getting to know each other, and keeping busy not thinking about Tim the whole time he is gone. I'll go down tomorrow after work and stay through Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't have been able to stay home that whole time, so I am very thankful to have family close by to help me out!


  1. Had a blast live blogging with Tim at the convention! Fun seeing you "drop in" to say hi as well!