After Christmas Sales

Tim and I went to the mall today to get a couple links taken out of my watch that he gave me for Christmas. We decided to go to a few different stores to see who had the best price. In the midst of that Tim got shopping fever when he saw all of the after Christmas sales, and had to go check them out. We made 2 big hits.

First was at the Christian Book Store. Tim bought 2 books, and then we got a couples devotion by Jim and Elizabeth George, and I bought 2 other books by Elizabeth George, one of with Kym had recommended to me a while back, and then I also bought Angela Thomas' 2nd and 3rd books she wrote. I loved her first book I read, and had wanted to get her others but waited since they were full price, but tonight I found each of them for half off. This book store was having a major sale!

Our second great hit was at the Van Heusen store. Tim got some nice dress clothes and I got some cute winter clothes. We went to a few other stores, of which Tim got a couple things, but these were our good deals.

Tim is actually on the phone with a friend right now telling about his awesome finds he got. On the way home Tim asked if we could go shopping again tomorrow! We'll have to see if I've got the strength. I'm not a big shopper, but man, now's the time to go when Tim is excited about it! :) We might try to go see what kind of sales Old Navy has. We'll see.


  1. Tim's always been a shop-till-you-drop kind of guy! (He just usually drops before he gets into the store.) Dad

  2. What about the Aeropostale store? We made out pretty well there, too. 50% to 60% off everything.

  3. That was included in the "other stores." We didn't get as much from there.

  4. I was able to meet her back in September at a conference she gave in Richmond. After the conference she was signing her new updated version of "A Women after God's own heart" my favorite of all her books besides Remarkable Women of the Bible(another fantastic read.) So I bought a new one,I thought she'd only sign her new book :O) Then she saw my old raggedy, written in , highlighted,falling apart "Women after God's own heart" under my arm with my Bible and she saw it and was touched that it was so worn, (then she saw my Bible which is also getting worn) and in front of all, got up, walked around the table and hugged me! I've never been so stunned and delighted in the same breath!!!I was in awe !!!!I have NEVER felt that way before in my life over someone. Of course next, Tears filled my eyes. She asked me my name and before it could come out of my mouth.. my Mom popped up to tell her quickly and added "She's God's wonderful gift to me and her father". Mrs. George hugged me harder and added "Seeing her well worn Bible shows her love for God's word". I couldn't say ANYTHING, with tears starting to flow down my face. I was COMPLETELY embarrassed by Mom. But an experience I will NEVER forget!!!
    Anyways, (as Timmy would say another Rabbit trail) I have her new (updated version) of a Women after God's own heart you can have (if you didn't pick that one up at your sale). I'm going to keep my old notes filled one. Also she ended up signing BOTH of them for me. But your welcome to it if you didn't buy that one.
    We miss you two and pray for you both daily. I added your name next to Timmy's in my Bible back in July. In which I always lift your names in prayer everyday while I pray and read my Bible!
    Your two friendship is my Gift from God!!!!!!!!!!
    All our love,
    Kym (and family)

  5. Dana,
    Her personal web site is as follows.....

  6. Kym, I did buy "A Woman After God's Own Heart" because I remembered you saying that title. The other ones we got are "Loving God with All Your Mind" and "Powerful Promises For Every Couple." The last 2 We also have the study guide to go with them. I didn't see a study guide for "A Woman After God's Own Heart." Do you know if there is one?

  7. Dana,
    Yes they do. Go to her web site (copied above) and you'll find it there.A Woman After God's Own Heart Growth & Study Guide

    List Price: $8.00
    Your Price: $8.00

    Enjoy reading her books.