A Bad Hair Day Made Good

I have a couple scarves for my hair that I wear when my hair likes to go everywhere. I would call these my bad hair-days, except when I wear the hair scarf I get more compliments on my hair than I ever do. I don’t usually wear trendy things or try to start something fashionable. The first time I wore my hair scarf I was pretty self conscious going to a church party, but then noticed another girl wearing one, which made me happy. I have only seen a few others wearing these. It sure does help me from worrying about how my hair isn’t cooperating when I get compliments for trying to hide the fact! :)


  1. Hey baby, I just noticed that you pasted your one-year "blogging anniversary" two days ago. It would be interesting to look over all your posts and hear your summary of the past year. I bet your posts in Dec of 2005 are a lot different than the ones now in 2006.

    I love you!