I have started my transition out of my receptionist/administrative assistant position. I am going to start substitute teaching. One girl was brought in who was a complete flop, so they had to start their search process over. This time through I prayed that God would send a great girl to take over 'cause I finally set a time limit for the company to find someone in time for me to train them. So my last day is the 29th.

Prayers were answered and the girl that is learning the ropes is doing great. She is a fast learner, has great phone skills, and has a warm personality. She will fit in great and do a good job.

I have found out a couple things about myself. One, I'm a busy body. I can't just sit around, I have to be doing something of some use. The last couple days the girl has just been watching me go through a full day, and today she tried to take over for the whole day. She did really well for her first shot, with a couple glitches here and there. I had to keep something to do at all times so I wouldn't step in and do my normal routine and not let her work.

Yesterday as she watched my day, we ended things early, which I have been doing the last month since I have the routine down great. So today when she took over she was a little overwhelmed with doing everything herself. Thats how it was for me starting off, with having things that had to be set aside for the next day, like she has for tomorrow.

I'm taking the next 2 days off that will give her a time to do everything without any help from me. I'm interested to hear how it goes.

Through this time I have also noticed how attached I have become to my work place. I absolutely love the people. When I was overwhelmed with first starting I had to concentrate on how God can use me to serve the people in the office instead of focusing on all there is to do. God has really blessed me with the change of focus.

I'm nervous and kind of sad though to be handing over my position to someone else. I have really enjoyed my time and am glad I have until the end of the month with them. I'm excited and nervous about substitute teaching. I'm ready to settle down with things and get into one thing I'll be doing for a while.