Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful day! Tim and I woke up after struggling to sleep in 'cause of the smell of our Christmas Chicken. Something about smelling delicious food makes it hard to sleep. We stayed up 'til 1am while I prepped our Christmas dinner. I didn't realize how much work went into making a holiday meal from scratch. I had fun with it, but am glad it is over. I still need to do the dishes (tomorrow). :)

When we woke up I heated up the oven and kept putting dish after dish in until lunch. Tim built us a fire, although the house was already warm...we just had to make it at least look like Christmas. It's bright and sunny outside right now. Tim and I sat by the fire as he read the Christmas story and we ate our breakfast pastries. Then we opened up our Christmas presents from the family, friends and each other. God really blessed us with everything we received.

Tonight we will go to the Sones for dinner. It'll be nice to spend the evening with friends.

Tim posted some pictures of our Christmas with my family last night. Click here to see all our fun! And check out my previous post to find out more info on the pictures.