Jewelry from Sam Moon

I have become a fan of Sam Moon. I lived in the DFW area for 2 years before finally venturing into the store. I had always heard of great buys and great times, but hadn't given in. My first time I went with my Aunt Wanda and was just blown away with how crazy it was in the store. It was late Saturday afternoon, 30 minutes before the store was to close, and it was swamped! There were so many women and a few men who were drug in that it was hard to walk around. The store is huge too, it was just crazy! I wanted to get more for my money, so I didn't spend more than $5 on each piece of jewelry unless it was a set of necklace with earrings, then my limit was $7.

I went back again for Christmas presents for Katelin, Grace and Mom, and then last weekend when Katelin and Brianne came to town. I had to introduce them to such a great store! :) Sadly, one of Katelin's earrings she bought broke before she could even wear it, so I went back to exchange it today with no problem. I also spotted a white necklace I just had to have 'cause I don't have any white necklaces. ;) Plus, it was only $4.50 with matching earrings.

The only Sam Moons are in Dallas, Frisco and Houston, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some cute jewelry now 'cause I don't know if I'll ever find these good deals up North. I'm sure someone's gotta have 'em, but at least now I am set on jewelry for a while.