Preparing to Move

My parents are in London for their 30th anniversary, so I came to stay with Katelin while she is in school. I miss Tim like crazy, but I'll see him Friday. Katelin will come back to Dallas with me Friday, then I'll bring her back Monday in time for school on Tuesday and go back to Tim on Wednesday in time for my parents to fly home.

Last night Katelin and I played Dance Dance Revolution for 2 hours. Great fun, and good exercise! Today Katelin had orchestra practice, so I spent that time calling people about rent homes up in Minnesota. I had okay luck with that. I'm curious to see how God works everything out with this. I had emailed one man a couple times today about a house for rent that seems like a great deal so far. And then the last person I talked to about a rent home ended up being a member of the church we'll be going to. He seemed excited and eager to help us out on finding a home, so he said he'd keep us updated on rentals he finds around town. Praise God!


  1. Thanks for all your hard work with finding a house, baby! I love you!