My Parents are home!

This summer marks my parent's 30th anniversary, so they took a special trip to London for a week. And they arrived home safely yesterday. It was nice to see them, I'm sure they were really tired after all their excitement and a long flight back home.

The roads were suppose to freeze over yesterday evening after all the rain, so Wednesday night activities were canceled which gave Tim and I a relaxing evening together. It's nice to be back in our routine, although, that also means that we're not unpacked either... :)

Oh, well, we need our rest these couple of days because tomorrow is our Youth lock-in, so we'll be staying up all night. Tim does a great job with lock-in schedules. Theres only about 30 minutes of free-time, and early on so there's no sleeping all night long. Tons of fun with that, but man, you're ready to crash afterwards!