Angel Tree Camp

Tim and I are in New Jersey right now. We spent yesterday traveling, then at the beach in Ocean City. Today we did some training and the kids practiced their skits. Tomorrow we have more training and the campers should arrive around 3. I am really excited to get to love on all the campers that will be here. And I'm excited to get to be a support for our youth, and help them be effective with sharing Christ with their cabin kids both with their actions and by word.
I probably wont write much this week, if at all again. I'm already really tired, and we haven't even started camp!

Pray for our students that have come to be counselors. Some are nervous about doing a good job, and some are confident. I'm thinking the confident ones will be the ones to have the hardest time, but we'll see. Pray that these kids will be stretched. That this wont just be an easy week that they can fly through taking all the credit for themselves. But that they wont have any strength and that they will have to depend completely on God to get them through.

Pray for the campers coming tomorrow. Pray that God will open their hearts and minds to accept what we have to share with them about Christ.

And pray for safety for all of us. The terrain here is pretty rough. All of us played a night game, and Tim got pretty beat up. Pray that he wont be sore, so he can direct camp with all the strength God will give him. And pray that no more injuries will happen.

If you want to keep up with what we're doing here you can check out our youth website. Tim will keep updating it throughout the day, and you can go see all the pictures each day.