What a Blast!

Yesterday Katelin and I spent about 3 hours in the lake alternating between swimming and kayaking. We would swim until I got too cold then we would kayak until we were tired. All together we kayaked around the whole lake, but we did it in sections with swimming breaks.

And today we had the most fun of all the days Katelin has been here. Our neighbors called us up to join them out on the lake. We got to tube, knee board and ski today spending 4 hours out there. But it was worth it. It was great to watch Katelin do water sports for her first time, and she had a great time too. The weather has been poor for playing in the lake most of the time she has been here, so God was very gracious giving us great weather and the opportunity to do water sports!

Katelin and Brittany at one time went about 4 feet out of water jumping a wave and kept with it, not falling off!

I think knee boarding is my favorite, although I don't quite have the good arm strength, it's a fun challenge and rewarding to do. My whole upper body is so tired now though, and will probably be more sore in the morning!

Tim did a great job for skiing only his 2nd time ever. He got up quickly and went around the lake 2 times!

Tim and I did great balancing ourselves as Doug tried to get us off. We didn't fall off once, but it wasn't easy staying on! (Just look closely at our faces!...you can click on the picture to see it bigger.)


  1. Great Pics. Glad you were able to spend some time together. Looking forward to the trip to Texas.