I have the hardest time sitting still in Church on Sundays. I do okay with singing 'cause I'm doing something, but when it comes to sitting for a period of time I loose concentration and start fidgeting. I do okay for probably the first 10 minutes, then I'm lost. A couple Sundays ago we got to turn to someone next to us a couple times for discussion, which kept my attention a little better. I am just not an auditory learner. I learn best if I can do something. So knowing this, I have been praying the last couple of days that I would be able to keep focused during the sermon today. God totally helped me out today, and it was great because Pastor Rol preached also! I was so excited to listen to him preach again. And God kept me focused during the whole sermon. It was kind of weird to listen to him preach in a different setting, but so nice because I have missed it. I'm glad that God has given Tim and I the opportunity be together with Pastor Rol and Joyce again in ministry.


  1. Dana,
    It was great to meet your sister yesterday in church. You look so much alike.

    I appreciate the comments about Pastor Rol's sermon. I was thrilled to hear him preach again and am glad to know that you were able to have good concentration. Hugs to you!