John More Association

Today in the mail Tim had something addressed to him that came in a clear envelope. I hadn't seen anything mailed like that before, so I curiously opened it. To my surprise it was a Certificate of Family Membership with a letter welcoming Tim as a member of the John More Association. I didn't even know that there were certificates given to family members.

I have enjoyed hearing about my family history, but I am horrible at remembering things, so it was nice to get information of my ancestors in the mail, and I have been checking out the website about my ancestors.

I love how well our family is kept track of and that there are people willing to do all the work to make sure of it. It's mind boggling that they have record of 13,000 descendants of John More, of which 8,000 living. That's a pretty big family, and awesome to know that there is a connection with all of our family members.

I emailed the people in charge of the website so I can get more access to it and learn more about my family history. What a fun surprise in the mail!


  1. I'm glad you are learning more about the More family. I used to love to read "John and Betty Stories" when I was a kid.