Exercise Ball

Tonight during Soul Fuel for our high school students my attention was brought to a small quirk/plus with Tim being a youth pastor. I bought an exercise ball a while ago and it has always stayed in our living room. Tonight I was wondering if we had a nice house like my parents, or most people their age, their living room would be too nice to always keep the exercise ball in there. But at our house it serves as a favorite chair to the youth when they're at our house! I just thought that was funny and had to share. Plus I think if I had to move it out of the room when I wasn't using it, I probably wouldn't use it. Just yesterday while doing a puzzle I used the ball to roll around to whatever side of the table I was at. It's pretty much more of a chair or toy than anything else, but at least when using it for that I get better exercise than just plopping down on the couch (which I like to do too!)