Georgia Gould

I have a way distant cousin who is competing in the Olympics for Women's Mountain Bike Cross Country. The race was postponed due to rain, so she should be racing Saturday 23rd at 10am. Which Central time is at 9pm Friday 22nd. Gould will be in the 1st line up. Don't miss it!

When I say way distant I mean it. We're related through my great great great great great grandparents. If you're in the More clan you have a number that we all can keep in touch with and know how we're related. Georgia's number is 32611341 and mine is 8572742.

Tim has been recording every single Olympic event, and I'm really looking forward to watching a cousin compete.

Georgia has also been blogging while she's over in Beijing. It's pretty fun to read what all she is doing each day. Check out her blog.